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    Drawing no conclusions

    In today’s Daily Mail, Martin Keown asks the question, why are there so many goals in the Premier League this season? His answer could apply to the Championship and Leeds.
    He says,
    “Defences are being exposed by their full backs and the lack of a holding midfielder. Full backs and attack-minded midfielders all want to bomb forward as much as possible, leaving so much space for the centre halves to deal with. That leaves holes for clever players… to run into.”
    Defensively, we are playing better but still have problems in midfield. Surely, it is time to introduce a defensive midfielder in place of Johnny Howson who, although he works hard, is not delivering – either as a player of a captain.
    On Sunday, in the second half we bossed Cardiff. This was when we had Kisnorbo on the field, a natural leader, whose free kick led to the goal. Our failure to dominate and kill games off is, possibly, due to not being organised on the pitch.
    Getting draws and dropping two points will not result in promotion.

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    • McCarthy should hopefully help at the weekend, especially if he plays like he did against us last season.
      The shame is that both Lees and O'Dea are out so the defence will be very cumbersome again and may not have the speed to contain Leicester who have a good squad but are doing a Middlesborough this year so there may be some hope. If Beckford gets a game I hope he doesn't too much harm to his old mates, but with his pace he may have a field day.
      I will settle for a draw now MOT

    • Oleary always said he wanted to come back, but would he work under Bates? Even Oleary himself had a few dodgy signings. I think we lack the passion required to wear the White shirt I'd give Larry a few more games to get us back to winning ways but if we carry on the poor run (mainly caused by inept keeping) then the exit door will be open. A good keeper has just signed so come on lads back to winning ways at Leicester On And On On And On! M.O.T

    • I don't reckon a sidekick for Larry would work either, Bryan. Then you'd have 2 frustrated guys hovering in the upper region of the Championship with no financial prospect to attack the next step. Snodgrass, Howson etc, these guys know the score and the situation's bound to take a detrimental affect to their attitude.

    • Poor old Larry is coming in for some stick!
      Do you not think he might resent someone senior coming in to mentor him? I personally don't think it would work nor do I think a Director of Football would work either (not that Bates would spend the money so there is no danger of that happening).
      He will have to muddle through as best he can. If KB does sack him what are his options? Not great in my opinion, as there are not that many good guy's out there wanting a job that would demand the passion Larry has.
      Unless we bring back O'Leary who is still in Harrogate.

    • At the end of the day Peter if we do need help then either Larry has to go or his staff, Macca did not last because of poor results and the names being thrown about who would work for Bates? Eddie yes he is already his puppet, the only way this club is going forward is without Bates he is destroying Leeds from within the whole matchday experience is depressing!

    • Eddie Gray actually came to mind originally when I was thinking of the need for senior assistance, but sometimes it is better to bring somebody in from the outside..Andy Ritchie might be a good option though, having been elsewhere but would still be coming home...

    • 'A shocking result! And for all the same reasons the side crumbled last term, and the term before: Larry's predictability and inflexibility, and, of course, Bates' lack of investment.
      Peter, your post about bringing in a backup GK was spot on, as is this last one.
      I can't see Bates paying for a Megson or O'Neil to mentor Larry, but maybe Eddie Gray could take on the role.

    • Well I hate to say I told you so, but Rachubka has proved in every match he has played in that he was a liability. Why Larry has to stick with his favourites I don't know,
      Maybe worse than that is that there appears to have been no attempt to bring someone in on loan anyway as Lonergan is going to be out for another month and the warning signs were there after the Coventry game.
      Jez is quite right in the fact that cover for the rest of the team is very shallow and has been all the time due to the lack of signings in the summer. Bates's pennypinching is now coming home to roost.
      Peter is quite right in saying that SG's tactical nous is somewhat limited, but I would like to see what he could do with a few decent quid to spend on some more good cover, and the squad should have been rotated to bring in certainly Becchio. And why has Nunez vanished again? A new 5 year contract and not even on the bench for most matches.
      Bewildering times to me!

    • You mentioned about cover for the keeper, but what has also been exposed after tonights game is that altough we were on a decent run and were playing well, we do not have adequate cover or competition for places across the back four and in midfield.
      While we were picking up results all was well and good, but now that Lees is suspended, O'Dea might be missing on Sunday and the only keeper we have is an 18 year old rookie, the lack of cover is alarming. We play the foxes on Sunday and i fear that we will be on the end of another hiding, because we will have an unsettled defence just when it seemed we were doing ok, until Lonergan got injured.
      The old saying that you pay peanus you gets monkeys can be applied to our squad, got in on cheap with no substance or depth.
      It will now be a test of SG's resolve to turn this around, as patience is starting to wear a lttle thin with some of the supporters tonight, which i think is understandable to a certain extent, but not something i aggree with.
      SG brought PR in and has backed him after the past few games,but the fact he has taken him off at half time shows that his chance has now gone.
      Lets see what he does to get us back on track. January is not too far away, but things need to happen before then if we are to maintain a place in the top half of the table.

    • Well it is around the hour mark and I am disgusted. I cannot understand/comprehend how SG cannot see what any Tom, Dick & Harry can see - when you play 7 games in 21 days, you need to rotate your squad - simple as that. Owen and Berbatov are starting for Manchester United tonight in the Champions League; I kinda think Fergie knows what he is doing.

      Becchio needs match fitness from playing a full game, not a cameo appearance; so too do Varynen, O'Brien, Sam, Forssell. If we lost by rotating the squad, I would at least think it is good to have given them the opportunity, and it would maybe make me swallow my words about SG's lack of tactical nous re: rotations.

      However, if he pulls out any lines about blokes being tired, slow to get up etc, then he really has nobody to blame but himself. I also nominated that Rachubka needed somebody to come in on loan to put pressure on him and make him earn his spot, a fact I mentioned when Lonergan first got injured. Steve Harper is now at Brighton, who did not desperately need a keeper - Casper was doing ok - but who have a manager who realises that an opportunity to strengthen the squad with a Premiership standard shot-stopper is too good to refuse. Now, Rachubka is subbed at halftime after another gaffe, the young kid gets a go and we are 3-0 down at half time to a side who we should be able to play off the park.

      I have always been a big SG fan, but right now I find it immensely difficult to see past his tactical shortcomings; I also doubt whether Snodin or Miller are providing enough advice to him, or whether he is listening. I have never been a fan of the 'Director of Football' position, but right now I think it is necessary for Leeds to have somebody with senior managerial experience, somebody a little 'old school' to come in and assist SG. Anybody fit the mould? Gary Megson or Martin O'Neill for mine come to mind...

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