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  • Vincent Vincent Nov 3, 2011 12:09 Flag

    Conspiracy Theory

    Is it just my imagination or do Leeds United suddenly self-destruct when they get too close to promotion places for the comfort of some people? A mid-table position, or possibly worse, to allow events to take their course until Leeds United evaporate into oblivion and then some people would be able to cash in unobserved seems to be the objective. Your views?

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    • Why should Bates want promotion ?
      I have suspected that this was the case from the Division one days when things seemed to fall apart when there was a chance of promotion.
      He is a business man and had players on Division one wages ,the fans paid top prices to watch and the gates were always at least Championship size and some times were better than some premiership gates.
      Now he has the same but must pay Championship wages.I cannot see Leeds getting promotion or he would then have a Premiership wage bill to go with his Premiership ground, crowds and probably most of the income.

    • if leeds ever go up bates will have to spend money ?

    • Censu, it is not your imagination. It is a suspicion that has been aired on Leeds supporters boards since Bates 'saved' the club for the second time after he put it into administration in 2007.
      Bates' plan is for Leeds to return to the Prem in the 2013 season - conveniently, after the club will no longer be liable to repay creditors.
      Opinions are divided. Those who argue in favour of Bates point out that the estimated £5-9m he would have to repay is a pittance compared to the tens of £millions the club would receive from promotion.
      Those who argue against Bates suspect that he would rather keep Leeds in the Championship, profitably, for another two years rather than pay anything. They also suspect that promotion to the EPL before that date would invoke an investigation into, and full transparency about, his 'ownership' of Leeds and the identities of the owners behind the offshore shell companies through which he operates.
      What is your opinion?

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      • Im with the second opinion in Andys post Censu, Bates is holding out for 2013 until we see a real push for the championship. He knows football inside out and will have enough experience to be able to invest just enough to have a team that wont get relegated, and if they punch above their weight and flirt with promotion then it gives the fans a false sense of expectation and keeps them happy.
        Bates is a business man and having to pay out £6M to people he doesnt really like, despite getting over £50 million back will cut him to the core. He knows that any money gained from getting promoted to the premiership will have to be spent on the squad to make us strong enough to survive more than one season.
        If by a miracle we manage to go up this season it would be a fantastic acheivement by Grayson, but i think trying to fight with one hand behind your back will eventually mean you get caught with a sucker punch, which we did towards the end of last season when promotion was within touching distance. If we were serious about going up this year then the club would have not let Max Gradel leave, or at least managed his transfer so that a ready made replacement was brought in before he was allowed to leave.
        But again a big profit was made on a player and a loanee was brought in at the last minute. As much as i like Andy Keogh he is not a 20 goal a seaon player like max was.
        Leeds fans are always full of expectation and hope, but i think we need to be realistic and not get our hopes too high this season.A top half finish is well within our grasp, but last nights game showed our lack of depth and quality in the squad, and even if Bates gets some money out in January we will be too far behind the pack to mount a decent challenge.
        It looks like 2013 could be our defining season if our theories are correct, but as we all know football is not as easy as planning when you want to get promoted.

    • It's all part of being a Leeds fan you know the up's and downs M.O.T