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  • DAVID DAVID Nov 3, 2011 21:10 Flag

    pathetic leeds

    as a long serving and suffering leeds fan i think its time to sack grayson for his pathetic signings and even worse goal keepers this team will die in the prem league and will suffer more if we keep this mad man in charge bring on martin o neal and money to buy real players who are proud to wear the leeds strip

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    • David there’s nothing pathetic about LU you lack a bit of insight, understanding and empathy. Put yourself in SG’s position with the lack of support from Bates and Harvey. Bates with his deep pockets and Harvey with his pen that refuses to work when prospects are lined up for signing contracts etc. SG is a bloody martyr having to take that sort support from those two. If its anyone who is long a long suffering fan its SG. Count the players that have been lined up by SG over the summer and into August that we have lost because of Bates and Harvey. As for signing goalkeepers we lost two top draw keepers because the Monaco tight arse and his mate failed to offer reasonable contracts on the day to possible signings. We lost Bowyer because of a distance of travel clause that they wouldn’t alter to suit his young family and there’s more . As for O’Neil he turned us down twice because of finances when we were in a better position a few years back so what makes you think he would come now. Get real! So Dave what I am certain of is that as long as we are saddled with Bates we will continue to be a long way from returning to the heady heights of the top four in the Prem. So you have a lot more suffering to do lad. We remain as ever a massive club in transition bearing the burden that comes with Bates hoping that we can give as good account as possible in the Championship which after all is a very respectable league to be in. We strive in good company with the rest of the Fallen Giants in our league similarly hoping for success. In closing David I have watched Leeds since the late fifties patiently waiting for the good times to return with many a false dawn over the last couple of decades. Hopeful as ever MOT and taking my daily dose of Berroca.

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      • Couldn't agree more with Bryan and Tom. All you can do is keep supporting the team you love and hope they can get it right on and off the pitch. Or in the case if my club Manchester City get a bucketful of cash thrown at you.
        Having been all over the country watching City in some run down back waters over the years I am pinching myself a little now. I've watched some crap but still enjoyed it because the away games were a great day out. When people sing "where were you when you were shit" you can say we were here all along actually. At least you haven't had to put up with the spoilt kid next door taunting you for 20 years!
        I've no doubt that Leeds will be back in the Premiership sooner rather than later. Having watched them a few times recently I must admit that they do flatter to deceive. It's a case of will the real Leeds United please stand up. They're either brilliant or awful from what I've seen. If they can get a decent run together and sort their defence out there appear to be plenty of goals in the side.
        Anyway keep the faith and good luck.

    • Do you really think Martin O'Neil would come to Leeds? And then work under Bates with hardly any money?Come on get real!!
      All you Leeds fans calling for Grayson to go dont even have a viable alternative to replace him.
      In Grayson we trust.

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      • I am not sure where David is coming from or even if there is a mass belief among the fans that Larry should.
        As has been pointed out by Tom et al SG is having to work within a very tight budget, and as I said in a previous post the time to really judge him is when he is given a few quid to spend (if that ever happens). He had to work in similar circumstances at Blackpool and did a reasonable job there (Oyston and Bates might be related), although the Blackpool fans came to the same conclusions us with regard to his lack of vision at times, but he is doing a good job under the circumstances in my opinion.
        No manager gets it right all the time, including Ferguson, but if they get it right most of the time then things will eventually happen.
        As Tom has pointed out O'Neil has turned us down twice and why would we want him now? OK he is a great manager, but I think he is a Clough man and although I would give him the greatest respect he obviously has no feelings for LU as Larry most definitely has, and that is worth it's weight in gold.
        Lets hope he can get them to go on another 12 match unbeaten run over Christmas, and the see where we are - in the top two no doubt. MOT