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    Leicester v Leeds

    After the debacle against Blackpool, what line-up should Larry pick to get Leeds back on track at Leicester?
    Rachubka’s nightmare blunders aside, as a team, Leeds was devoid of ideas against the Seasiders. Ian Holloway had obviously studied Leeds and had a plan to defeat us. Larry made it easy for him by using the same players and tactics he does in every game. From the start, Blackpool was on top of Leeds.
    If our players had been fresh, we may have given Holloway’s lads a better game; but I doubt it. We were out-manoeuvred. Blackpool’s manager could predict how we would play.
    When we face Leicester on Sunday, we will be without Lees, possibly O’Dea, and have a new goalkeeper. The rest of the team will have tired legs from Wednesday. Larry has difficult selection and tactical problems to solve.
    Alex McCartney, the new loan signing, will be in goal. Larry’s back four is likely to be Connolly, O’Brien, Kisnorbo, and White; and, apart from White, none of these players has pace. To stop Leicester’s forwards running at our slow defence, we need a strong defensive midfielder. We have Brown and Vayrynen; my pick would be Vayrynen.
    To get a result, we will have to take the game to Leicester. This will require pace and creativity from our midfield, and muscle and clinical finishing from our strikers.
    As well as the partnership of McCormack and Keogh has worked, other teams seem to have figured out how to neutralise it – Ross’s goals have dried up. Maybe it is time to give Becchio and/or Forssell the chance to use their muscle, and Nunez and Sam their creativity.
    Because Leeds seems to do well through player partnerships, if Vayrynen plays defensive midfield then Forssell would be first choice striker.
    What are your thoughts on the following team?
    Connolly, O’Brien, Kisnorbo, White;
    Clayton, Vayrynen, Pugh;
    Snodgrass, Forssell, Sam.
    Subs: Cairns, Thompson, Nunez, Becchio, McCormack

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    • Peter, these are good questions. Most fans would like to know Larry's answers. However, with Bates controlling the media, no information is forthcoming and fans are left to speculate.
      My speculative theory is that decent players are being kept in reserve, rather than used on rotation, to ensure Leeds merely stays in the promotion hopefuls pack, to keep fans interested and generate income, without the club having a serous intention of gaining promotion to the EPL until it suits Bates' master plan.

    • Absolutely, Tom! As much as I enjoy watching good football, when it comes to Leeds I am partisan; I want to see us win every game... Damn reality!

    • I suppose you could say the same about their attacking threat Andy, nullified. This match was always going to be tight given both teams circumstances and it was good that we prevailed benefiting from a superb strike from AC. A win is a win Andy even though it wasn't gained playing superlative football. Can't do it every time! I will settle for a result like that any time under performing or not wouldn't you.

    • PS What has happened to our attacking threat?

    • Against the odds, we got an important win at Leicester and I am delighted. Adam Clayton's goal was brilliant; the rest of the match was uninspiring, apart from us recording a clean sheet - oh what it is to have the security of a good goal keeper!
      Regardless of the result, I am not suddenly filled with confidence. Whilst I believe Larry is the right manager for Leeds, I think he still needs support, from his back room staff and from Bates, to get Leeds to where we all want to be.
      Millwall, another bogey team for us, beat Leicester 3-0. We have yet to play the Wallies and, if promotion this term is a serious intention for Leeds, we cannot afford more than three more serious losses, as goal difference could be a deciding factor come May..

    • Good points, Tom, yeah. But I'm 99% certain that Larry will have a couple or three names in his head of guys ready made to graft and do the business required without costing a fortune. What the hell did Eriksson know about the Championship over here or any other import come to that.
      But, futile it seems in the case of Grayson financially as you guys say repeatedly. If he had the cash and then got it wrong at least you'd know where you stood.

    • Your right H but The Bates Securicor Bounty Bus Sat Nav is programmed -Leeds to Monaco with no stop offs or diversions to offload. If the cash was available and away from Harvey’s grasp where would you strengthen without upsetting the apple cart?. EG Leicester’s current dilemma (gallon into a pint pot syndrome)

    • Fantastic result and what a strike - very astute observation/prediction Tom. Though I do agree with Toni that it is frustrating Bruce never gets a look in. Also, why sign the Finns and re-sign Nunez and not play them???

    • A big 3 points guys, funnily enough I fancied Leicester to finish top because of the cash input etc. But the wheels have come off their journey somewhat behind the scenes. So there you go, Larry needs a few bob to prove himself and take it forward---they've got the cash but need the right driver.

    • Defeat tomorrow Andy would seriously put the pressure on all concerned. Your team formation looks interesting as it offers flexibility if we as you suggest attack them, or should we go one down and have to chase the game. However instead of 433 from the offset I would go 451 to initially contain and frustrate. Leicester with all the talent at their disposal do not have a settled starting eleven at present. They are in limbo and like us need to win this game. However I do believe that in their current situation they would also settle for a draw. My starting line up would be..


      Connolly, O’Brien, Kisnorbo, White

      Snodgrass, Clayton, Vayrynen, , Pugh, McCormack (Sam)

      (Keogh) Becchio, (Forssel)

      Alternatives in brackets

      Reasons: it would allow Snoddy and McC to move up into attack and track off the front target man when the opportunity presents to work the diagonals. Perm any one from the following three for target : Keogh Becchio or Forssel . Clayton and Pugh would offer defensive cover and Vayrynen could play the holding role in midfield. Tactics, sit back and counter-attack. 451 could easily change into your 433 if we have to chase the game. Lets lay another boggy to rest and get back on track. MOT as always.

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