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  • Andrew Andrew Nov 7, 2011 21:22 Flag

    Leicester v Leeds

    Against the odds, we got an important win at Leicester and I am delighted. Adam Clayton's goal was brilliant; the rest of the match was uninspiring, apart from us recording a clean sheet - oh what it is to have the security of a good goal keeper!
    Regardless of the result, I am not suddenly filled with confidence. Whilst I believe Larry is the right manager for Leeds, I think he still needs support, from his back room staff and from Bates, to get Leeds to where we all want to be.
    Millwall, another bogey team for us, beat Leicester 3-0. We have yet to play the Wallies and, if promotion this term is a serious intention for Leeds, we cannot afford more than three more serious losses, as goal difference could be a deciding factor come May..