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  • Alan H Alan H Nov 10, 2011 16:12 Flag

    Still Looking

    They're all soul searching behind closed doors and all that, 99% of the guys sorted theirs out but old Batesy did an overnight shift and he's still struggling.

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    • The strength and weakness comment reminds me of Joe Royle. I think managers can be too loyal to players sometimes when the paying public can see by a mile that they aren't up to scratch. When City went up to the Premier with Royle he said he would give the players who got them up a chance to prove themselves. He gave them too much of a chance and we got hammered more times than I care to remember.
      I don't know if this is the case at Leeds as I don't see enough of them to judge, but some of the players who got you out of league one might be average at best in the championship. You're still in a decent position and any one worth their salt with the clubs interest at heart would surely strengthen where you lot can obviously see it's needed. I just don't get Bates at all. I can sense and understand the frustration. Coming out with a load of negative comments is hardly going to inspire the players and manager.

    • Titus Bates will continue to struggle to find his soul H, because the only soul that he has is an R Soul and his brains are well and truly stuck in it.

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      • Sounds to me as though Bates is preparing the way to remove Larry!!
        If he does remove him I believe there will be a huge backlash. I know Larry has his faults, but there is no one more suitable right now.
        He is probably scared that we will get promoted this season and put all his plans in jeopardy.
        He will probably bring Denis Wise back to ensure that doesn't happen.
        Remember you heard it here first!!