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    Andy, Don Revie also came as a player manager adopting the same philosophy yet had to adapt to change frequently and not always with the approval of the fans or the management. The playing staff had a very similar ethos of “enthusiasm and camaraderie” instilled by Don and his coaching staff. Yes the squad had a few “Sows Ears as you state Billy B was one, but the sows ears had potential that potential was recognised and encouraged and came to fruition under Don and his staff. How did he do it? That potential was nurtured through respect and genuine camaraderie for each other. The ultimate team was achieved not in a couple of seasons but was added to as the seasons progressed. The team played for each other and with each other, in a “one for all and all for one“ ethos. I see the rudimentary stages starting to appear within SG’s first team squad. In a recent post game interview Adam Clayton “the man of the match” praised Johnny H for his contribution knowing that he was being criticized for some below par performances. Similarly Kiss was also full of praise for the performance of Andy O’B, doesn’t that suggest the team are closing ranks in defence of each other! Whilst I have felt at times that SG has erred in his selections and tactics I have no credentials or qualification to criticise other than my right as a layman to voice an opinion. As the manager I have nothing but admiration for SG for what he has achieved to date, under very trying circumstances. I would never criticise him for his contribution so far , 7th place at this stage of the season is more than satisfactory. I hope that he progresses and emulates the Don given time , as I can see more than a few “sows ears” morphing into silk purses which augurs well. If SG can survive until January and the team are in or around the top four, then I feel that we may be in for a very interesting era at ER providing the silk purses don’t morph into Bates pocket, and then “on to market “. In closing I enclose a stat taken from an article from The Scratching Shed website entitled “Simon Grayson a bargain at 56,320 per point” by TSS
    Anyone that still needs proof of the miracles Simon Grayson has performed in getting us this far need only look at the transfer efficiency table below.
    The table uses the original purchase cost of each player in the current side and divides it by how many points we’ve accumulated so far. The calculations show Simon Grayson’s squad has cost him just £56,320 per point so far this season.
    To put that figure into context, the lowest amount spent per point of any team in the current top six is Crystal Palace who at £113,168 have spent double what Simon Grayson has on their current team.
    Leeds’ 25 points this season and the incredibly low £1.4m total cost of our team (less than any other team in the league) means it has cost Simon Grayson less per point than any other manager in the division – by quite some distance too.

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    • Providing, what a lot is said with that word Tom! Providing is right up there with words like but, and or! Excellent post!

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      • Gracias amigos, nice to hear from you Easy a little bird informed me that you have been down in Cornwall sampling the Tiddy Oggies and Brown Splits.Spent many a year down St Ives and Hayle/Gwithian way in my miss spent youth, still getting down when I can. Heard also that you were putting an offer in for "the Green Army"in Plymouth! Now that Ridders is defecting. Don't tell Bates!

    • Great post Tom, and I couldn't agree with you more!
      The trick now is to keep the nucleus of the team together and add one or two bargains like Johnny Giles and Bobby Collins. From memory the Don's first big signing was Sniffer from Leicester, but Don was lucky in that he had 6 or 7 youngsters who all came through good together. It looks like the current youth team may provide another 3 or 4 'quality' players who may break through next year, and if that is the case I can see another golden era arriving, as long as KB doesn't sell off the family silver, which Harry Reynolds and Manny Cussins would never have done.
      The scratching shed article says volumes and makes Bates' comments a mockery of his team only proving yet again that the man has no soul.

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      • Bryan, Tom, in general, it seems we are singing from the same hymn sheet – unlike our beloved chairperson! We agree that Simon Grayson is succeeding against the odds.
        The Leicester match was a testament to Simon’s team building skills. The Foxes fielded many of the players Simon tried to sign in the close season – think how much further on Leeds would be if he had assembled the team he really wanted.
        I am not sure that comparing Simon to Don Revie helps; they are different personalities, operating in different times and circumstances. It does not follow that what worked for The Don fifty years-ago will work for Larry now. If it were so, every team’s manager and his wife would be using Revie’s practices.
        Simon has to plough his own furrow. He is a young manager who, I hope, continues to learn with every game. This involves developing his strengths but also recognising and addressing his weaknesses – which I still see as his predictability and inflexibility; but accept that stubbornness can be a strength as well as a weakness.