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    Burnley Predictions

    Predictions chaps.
    I'd be happy with a 3-2 win again :)

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    • Simon says that OB will never play for us again! There are many who will say has he ever? However I do believe that the start of the problems stems from our opening defeat at Southampton. OB played without a lot of pre season practices due to injury and as a result was certainly found wanting. The vast majority of our supporters have never taken to him as he has been involved in our back two when we have performed abysmally in the past and as a result has taken a lot of stick. The other side of the coin is it has been reported that Big Sam may have tapped him up as he is known to him from his Bolton days and as such why stay at a club who find him surplus to requirement! No doubt the truth will be out soon and might yet provide Bates with a transfer fee or a player in exchange if that is the truth. Interesting times ahead and never a dull moment it seems.

    • The big problem in my eyes is that after the Leicster result, Kissy and SG were both praising OB in a big way. It suggests that he is a popular bloke within the team, and if he is unhappy about not featuring, how do you think Bruce, Forssell, Nunez, Varynen and Brown must feel, considering that they are all senior professionals with a lot of experience. Still, you can never refuse to play for your club, and it will be good riddance to him in January. MOT

    • I think I agree with you on that one Andy!
      Just read about the O'Brien saga, and there is no smoke without fire.Sounds very fishy and as though we don't have a happy camp.
      Trouble is we will never get the truth!

    • Hmmm, a win, though undeserved, is a win and I welcome it with open arms. However, I cannot help but think summat aint right and that, with the O'Brien rebellion, there's trouble at 'mill.

    • I'm interested to hear the reasons why, but apparently something to do with Larry, he was good when he first came but his performances have been poor with basic errors costing goals, good game against Leicester which he apparently refused at first to play in. Ha ha Larry given money to spend he will have to prise that cheque book from Bates first!

    • As you say a win's a win. Are you bothered about O'brien leaving? Personally I've never rated him. He always seems to make bad decisions when I've watched him. Jumping in when he should be standing the player up. Do you think Grayson will be given any money in January?

    • Watched the game, Bryan, and have to say I was not impressed by the performance at all---but very impressed by the result.

    • Agreed Bryan well off the pace physically and mentally. Nothing constructive coming out off midfield or challenges, they strolled it first half. Looks like the two week hibernation had an adverse effect on team performance. But a win is a win and we have played much better and lost. Wish our home results matched our recent away results, won 4 out of last 6. Long may it continue at Barnsley and beyond. Heard the breaking news about Andy O'B, played his last game for Leeds according to SG. Ah well!

    • What a lucky win!
      We were absolutely clueless throughout the game, and didn't deserve a point never mind 3.
      Still if you can win matches playing badly there is still hope. MOT

    • Think SG needs to shake up the forward line as we seem to have lost our scoring touch at the minute, and as you say Lotto Forsell could be a good addition to the starting 11. How ironic that our defence is now looking pretty strong, and there is genuine competition for places.
      If we can get the right balance of keeping things tight at the back like we did against the foxes, and our strikers find their shooting boots especially McCormack then we will get all 3 points as Burnleys defence is arguably worse than ours lately.

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