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  • Sean Sean Nov 20, 2011 09:04 Flag

    KEN BATES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

    .i am sick of Ken bates he's waiting for the chance to sack Grayson i heard they have fallen out after the lousy Ken Bates wouldn't give him any money in the Summer.Some of the things if says are unbelievable and he said last week that he wants better out of Grayson i think Grayson is doing a great job as manager. I don't want Grayson out i want Bates out

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    • Sean, I don’t think that you will find any on this message board who will disagree about your sentiments about Bates. You may be right about SG falling out with Bates over a lack of a transfer budget to improve the playing staff with permanent signings instead of the customary short term loan deals. The ball is however in Simons court. He obviously is a Leeds man through and through and wants to see the job done .e.g. .promotion to the Premiere League. No doubt SG has had the opportunity to leave the club as he like other up and coming young managers has caught the eye of other clubs recently. Simon knows that Bates will not sack him as long as he and the squad are making good progress and remaining in contention for promotion. He may of course sack Simon on “non football matters” but that would propel Bates into the limelight and draw attention to the way he runs the club and I feel that he wouldn’t want that to happen given all the bad publicity generated recently in the media about his stewardship since he took over the club. So it looks like we have a Mexican standoff between manager and owner for now and which may not be a bad situation to be in as it leaves no room for complacency for SG and staff, they must succeed to survive.

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      • Larry was singing KB's praises in his pre-match interview, but of course we don't know what games are being played.
        Saying he has a great relationship with the chairman could mean he is getting the sack at Christmas. Trouble is who apart from Dennis Wise would Bates bring in?
        Bates is no mug, and he is playing some game which is not too obvious to see at the moment, but there will be an ulterior motive of that there is no doubt.
        There is no way that Larry should be given his marching orders, as so far he has done a good job with the facilities provided, but the lunatic in the chair is up to something!