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  • Tom Tom Nov 25, 2011 19:18 Flag

    Leeds vs Barnsley

    A point down the neck is better still Easy!
    Hard to call a result on this game. We need to continue the momentum achieved recently and to be ultra positive but not leave the gate open in midfield for the likes of young Jacob Butterfield and co to exploit. This lad is good and if we are to lose Howson in the January Sales then he would at 21 be a more than adequate replacement if old Titus would push the cash to get him. I would like to see us thrash a team convincingly as it it has been a long time coming at ER. A Barnsley Bashing would be ok, as most agree we owe them one! Well that's likely to put the mockers on that. I'll say no
    more and get back to the point before it goes flat.