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  • Sean Sean Nov 22, 2011 21:23 Flag

    Leeds vs Barnsley

    any predictions for the match on Saturday i think 2-1 and McCormack will get first and Becchio to get second

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    • I agree with a lot of what Colin wrote. I have been saying for months that the lack of quality support staff is detrimental, and that I believe that they are just as culpable for a lack of youth development as our youth system, which at least eventually got an overhaul.

      SG's main issue, transfer funds or not, are that he is tactically too predictable, as we all know. He does not prepare for games based on the opposition - it is a very even division, and his pig-headed opinion that we can dictate every game and base our tactics on our own ability continues to fall short. That being said, I do hope that he turns it around and leads us to the Prem.

      As for the inevitable lack of signings before the window closed, I am furious that with OB never playing for us again, Bruce was still considered surplus to requirements. A solid player who has never been given a fair opportunity, it was stated in the summer that he would never play for us again, and while SG kept pumping out lines about Bruce being injured when trying to convince us of our squad depth, I tihnk it is perfectly clear that he was never going to get a run at all.

      Now, CB (our biggest problem position) has just 4 options - Kissy, DOD, Lees and Bromby, who has never inspired confidence. Unless young Gimpel is coming on better than we knew, but we have not heard any evidence of this yet...

    • Just popped in to say I'm up to my neck in it at the minute ( I heard that, one of you said $%^&---which means shyte in German ) but still checking that you buggers ain't making any outlandish forecasts.

    • Bryan, I do not know who Colin is either. I guess he is a fan, like you and I, who has articulated the concerns that many of us have felt about Leeds’ performances, not just recently but over the last couple of years.
      As much as I agree with Colin’s analysis of Simon Grayson’s occasional tactical shortcomings, I do not think he has given Simon credit for succeeding against the odds with the resources that Bates has allocated – notice how, at the end of the emergency transfer window, we are shipping players out yet bringing none of value in.
      For sure, Simon would benefit from better support staff to help with training, player development, and tactics, but, unlike Colin, I think this is not Simon’s shout; it is Bates’ lack of investment.

    • Don't know who Colin is, but he makes a lot of sense.

    • I spotted this post by ‘Colin’ on TSS and thought he makes some good, if controversial, points.

      “I think Leeds need a modern manager with a quality support team of coaches and a long term plan of developing the way we play.
      I think Grayson is old school and that probably comes from his managerial education at Blackpool and League One Leeds. I don’t rate his support team. I doubt that Glynn Snodin or Ian Miller can teach new skills to the likes of Snodgrass and Howson. I think Grayson is slightly fearful of adding to his coaching staff in case they turn out to be better than him or better liked by the players.
      I don’t think Grayson has any further tactical ideas than the ones we’ve already seen. I think he has set the team up incorrectly on occasions this season.
      We know and he knows, that he should be using Becchio, and Howson is not a defensive midfielder and should be moved to a more attacking position. But, he doesn’t know how to make the transition from Becchio on the bench and Howson in DM to where they need to be. Ultimately, the only time that will happen under Grayson is when the current team setup runs out of ideas and crashes to a halt.
      Let’s take Burnley as an example. Burnley were poor and Grayson set the side up badly. His tactic was use the flanks, make the pitch wide and attack down the wings. LB and RB were pushed far too high up the pitch to allow them to support Snoddy and Sam. That takes Howson and Clayton out of the game. Clayton didn’t know what he was meant to do and Howson was running around like a lunatic trying to close the ball down and Connolly was exposed. As soon as Burnley started attacking all of our players are sprinting back to help out. rather than passing the ball around and letting the ball do the work, we let Burnley have the ball and we ran after it. That just tires out our players. Keogh and McCormack were just run into the ground and knackered in the second half.
      Burnley put a man on the keeper to annoy him at set pieces. Why didn’t SG know this? Usual situation, Howson has to sort it out. He’s the one who came in between McCarthy and the Burnley ‘annoyer’.
      I’d prefer to see SG use Howson and Clayton to control the tempo and let them dictate the play. No need to rush, no running around at 100 mph. Howson and Clayton are class acts, they know how to keep the ball and pass it around. Let the opposition do the chasing and let our attacking players catch their breath. If Jonny has the ball in midfield and there’s no pass on, fine, pass it to Clayton, pass it to White or Connolly and just keep the ball until an option becomes available. It’s not that hard. What Leeds did is ping the ball upfield, lose it and then it’s headless chickens time and it’s all hands to the pump as Burnley attack and you’ve got Howson and Clayton trying to close down 3 players and Kis and O’Dea preparing themselves for another battle.”

    • 2-1 the mighty Whites Clayton and Johnny boy, and possibly Larry might score as well! M.O.T