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  • Lottolee Lottolee Nov 26, 2011 17:43 Flag

    In Grayson We Trust?

    Thoughts people, some jammy wins last minute.com, poor performances against poor opposition,Larry's fault or Bates?

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    • Lotto "In Simon we must trust" in Bates we can't trust!. Simon has a limited amount of players with skill enough to turn a game.Unfortunately there has been a dip in their form, hence the goals have dried up.Old maxim "You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink" If his players fail to follow instruction from the training ground and fail to apply on the pitch then our horses assume the mantle of donkeys!! However for the foreseeable future we are stuck with both manager and players who have to solve their immediate problem of how to win at home. Our away form continues to compensate for our poor form at ER. Swings and roundabouts Lotto . However today other results went for us most teams in the top half are all in the same boat win one draw one lose one etc. .. We lose at home and still remain in fifth place. A win today would not have changed our position either. Barnsley today proved what a difficult team they are to break down.They have one of the tightest defences in this league having conceded up till today only seven goals. I posted earlier before the game that young Jacob Butterfield would pose a threat. He bossed the show in midfield and at 21 and captain what an outstanding talent. Just what we need in our midfield. But with a lack of financial resources we have no chance of securing a player of his calibre. So lets absorb the disappointment from today and content ourselves with 5th in the table and still in contention. MOT With SG and what we have for now.

    • I am resubmitting an extract from the post by ‘Colin’ on TSS – for ‘Burnley’ read ‘Barnsley’. Okay, O’Dea did not play today but that is the only difference. Simon’s predictability makes us a pushover for any opposition manager with enough nous to study our weaknesses.

      “Let’s take Burnley as an example. Burnley were poor and Grayson set the side up badly. His tactic was use the flanks, make the pitch wide and attack down the wings. LB and RB were pushed far too high up the pitch to allow them to support Snoddy and Sam. That takes Howson and Clayton out of the game. Clayton didn’t know what he was meant to do and Howson was running around like a lunatic trying to close the ball down and Connolly was exposed. As soon as Burnley started attacking all of our players are sprinting back to help out. rather than passing the ball around and letting the ball do the work, we let Burnley have the ball and we ran after it. That just tires out our players. Keogh and McCormack were just run into the ground and knackered in the second half.
      Burnley put a man on the keeper to annoy him at set pieces. Why didn’t SG know this? Usual situation, Howson has to sort it out. He’s the one who came in between McCarthy and the Burnley ‘annoyer’.
      I’d prefer to see SG use Howson and Clayton to control the tempo and let them dictate the play. No need to rush, no running around at 100 mph. Howson and Clayton are class acts, they know how to keep the ball and pass it around. Let the opposition do the chasing and let our attacking players catch their breath. If Jonny has the ball in midfield and there’s no pass on, fine, pass it to Clayton, pass it to White or Connolly and just keep the ball until an option becomes available. It’s not that hard. What Leeds did is ping the ball upfield, lose it and then it’s headless chickens time and it’s all hands to the pump as Burnley attack and you’ve got Howson and Clayton trying to close down 3 players and Kis and O’Dea preparing themselves for another battle.”