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  • Tom, I tried to post my comment about Gary Speed on the general news board under the 'Strachan despair at Speed death' article. My comment appeared, disappeared, then was replaced by yours. Do you have any ideas as to why this happened?

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    • Unbelievably sad news, all over the airwaves here in Australia due to large Leeds and Everton fan bases here.

      I still remember when I first started supporting Leeds, it was before Viduka and Kewell arrived which is quite rare for an Aussie White, it was when my heros were the likes of Speed, Dorigo, Yeboah, Ribeiro, Radebe.

      Gary Speed was somebody with no enemies, who commanded a huge amount of respect and carried himself as the most consummate professional all the time.

      Such a tragic loss of life - I only hope that nothing sinister comes out now. Unfortunately, what with the disgraceful nature of British tabloid media, his name will invariably be dragged through the mud somehow, regardless as to whether the dirt had any bearing on his sad decision to take his life - they will dig up any dirt that they can.

    • Yes Andy your correct. This operating system is weird as you can see by some of the posting that show authors names in full outside their account page.I posted my contribution before you and it came up as not acceptable for some reason. I rebooted the the page and noticed yours was there and then reposted the same post and waited for my comments to appear and your post was there at the time of my second attempt. I then left the computer and went for a drink as it was taking a while to appear. I came back and my post was visible and yours had disappeared. Lo and behold as they say your post was sitting where it currently resides on our message board.Shades of Penn and Teller, now you see it, now you don't.
      I have complained in the past through the right channels about the instability and security concerning the message boards but with no success.