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  • Thanks for the heads up, Tom; I was getting paranoid! The Yahoo boards are not user friendly, which is probably why few footie fans use them – publishing posters’ actual email addresses (which I am sure is illegal) is one good reason.
    The ‘now you see it now you don’t’ problem I experienced was possibly due to me trying to post the same comment on different threads. I have seen this done. But, maybe, Yahoo has changed its’moderator’ algorithms.
    On the general news boards, words like ‘suicide’ and ‘hanged’ (which I used) may, for legal reasons, have been banned – even though they are in the media. I used them because they are at the core of this tragedy.
    Gary Speed was one of our, Leeds, and football’s, best. Based on what everyone who knew him says, I just cannot believe that such a sane person would suddenly become as insane as to take his own life.
    I hope the spirit of Speedo appears in our midfield tonight!