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  • Jez Jez Nov 30, 2011 15:09 Flag

    Saturday is massive.

    Saturdays game against the old enemy Millwall is massive in more ways than one.
    On Saturday the emotion and passion will be even greater than last night, and i exepct the team to produce another performance like they did against Forest. If this happens then i think this could be a real turning point in our season.
    The fans will be galvanised and brought together in memory of GS, and all thoughts of KB, lack of investment, and previous poor performances will be forgotten about.
    The team will benefit from the lack of negativity around the place, and will be inspired by the fans support, and will start to carry over the away form back on our own patch.
    The fans will start coming back because everyone will want to pay some sort of homage to GS, and also if the team is playing the kind of football we saw last night, then people will want to come back and watch Leeds United regardless of the cost.
    Of course this is all theoretical, but i can really see the tragedy of GS death as something that can inspire the team to promotion this season.
    If SG and the team get it right on Saturday, not only will Millwall be on the end of a good hiding, but the fans and the team will have a bond that has been missing for a long time, and together we can go on and do something special in the memory of Gary Speed.

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    • "Die Null muss stehen"! "Clean Sheets", no goals against, call it what you will. This has/is standard policy over here, that is why the germans put so much value on Goalkeepers and that is why they at present have the best in Europe if not the world, as England have found out all too often when going in t penalty shoot outs!

    • Also, Peter, picking up on your point about the importance of keeping clean sheets, auto promo at the end of the season could be decided on ‘Goals Against’ tallies. Presently, West Ham and Middlesbrough have the lowest GA ratings – with both on 17. Leeds, on 28, 11 goals adrift, need many more clean sheets and/or significant scores to restore par and be in with a shout. On current GA reckoning, I can see the Hammers and Boro occupying the top two slots in April – both are sides we cudda, sudda beaten!

    • Always going to be a massively emotional day for all concerned Jez the LUFC family and Gary's own family. I would like to think that his wife, sons and parents felt something of the pride and feelings that we all felt for Gary and took some comfort from the afternoon. The fans were magnificent, the manager, team, past and present all played their part in their tributes.

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      • Was a touching moment when SG put the wreath behind the goal in front of the kop, and there was not many a dry eye where i was sat.
        Great to get a win, but i thought we struggled to break them down in the first half, and it was only in the second half when lloyd Sam started to get busy down the right hand side that we started creating some good chances.
        Snoddy was exceptional, and i much prefer to see him going down the left wing and whipping crosses in than going down the right and always cutting back inside onto his left foot. It slows down the pace of the attack and gives their defence chance to get goal side. Aidy White had another productive game going forward, and Danny Pugh was mister versatile.
        Millwall were a shade of the sides that we have done battle with over the past few seasons, and their very small away following did nothing to spoil the afternoon which was a nice change.
        All in all a good day at ER and a fitting tribute to Gary.

      • 2-0, Thats the way to do it!

    • I quite agree Jez!
      Saturday is massive and as you say if they reproduce the form of last night then not only Millwall but anyone in this league would be hammered.
      At last Larry changed things to meet the situation and it really seemed to pay off.
      I agree the fans would return in droves to see that sort of football and given the current passion felt by unfortunate events, the team could surely be inspired to even greater heights.
      Let's hope they can take the positive out of last night and go forward from there, and make this a season to remember for No. 11

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      • IT should not take the tragic death of someone, well respected, admired, yes even loved by many people for the team to put in a good, nay brilliant performance but sadly that is what it seems to have taken, or? Was the teams performance against Forest coming anyway and the circumstances highlighted the play even more! The other week a game was called off over here because the Referee tried to comit suicide by slashing his wrists! Only the timely arrival of the two linesmen and the fourth official stopped him succeeding! Now with GS and his untimely death one has to ask oneself just how much pressure is put onto teams and managers to be successful? This morning Steve Bruce is arbeitslos, why? Well his team is just two points above the drop zone! My question is, where is the passion, the need to put in a sterling performance for the team for yer mates, for the fans, for yourself, to show that you can do it! Do we need someone to die b efore we can do that? Hopefully not! There is just too much bl-------g money involved these days! Money, money money, Abba got it to rights! It is much too late to do a U turn but lets try and put in a performance because OUR Pride demands it of us and not because I want more Dosh!

    • Great post Jez, tickets selling well Saturday will be massive atmosphere will be electric like the Qpr game. M.O.T