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  • Andrew Andrew Dec 8, 2011 18:11 Flag

    Club Contracts why are they left so late?

    Club contracts should stay inside the club. Ken has banned Leeds players from making public comments. The only way this news got into the media is by the club releasing it. You have to ask, ‘why’ The only reason I can think of is that the club wants to put pressure on players to sign contracts on Ken’s terms by whipping-up a frenzy of public opinion about the player(s) not being loyal, or only being in the game for the money.
    Ken Bates could not care squat whether Aidy White, Johnny Howson, Robert Snodgrass, or any other Leeds player leaves the club – to him, their departures will just add £s to his bottom line!
    Ken Bates’ plan is for Leeds’ promotion in 2013. Whatever happens between then and now is just another opportunity for him to milk this club. With or without our key players, we may get to the play-offs this year, to keep fans interested, but promotion the EPL in 2012 is unlikely.
    At the start of the 2012-13 Season, Leeds will invest in quality players to ensure a return to top flight football. The choice Ken is offering our current players is either a chance to be a part of that side or the door.
    If you were a current Leeds player, what choice would you make?
    As a Leeds fan, why would you bother supporting our team until it has serious ambition?