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  • Well, well, well.

    Here we are again. Leeds v Arsenal in another cup game.

    This is one of those games you really look forward to.

    Alas we have Christmas to get over yet. I certainly hope it to be a great game. I do however fear the damp squib for we will have a few gone to the ACoN and your lot will have one eye on the league.

    We will certainly be welcoming the superb Leeds fans to The Emirates Stadium again. You gave such a great account of yourselves last time.

    From a Gooner.

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    • Funny you should say that Andy my mate is a big Gooooner fan and he wants Wenger to go upstairs, he says he is not spending which cost them the title last time out and he can't understand why they have not invested in a Powerhouse centre half say like Samba? The only person/s IMO who could take Arsenal on are Josep Guardiola who is in his last year at Barca, or Frank Rijkaard both play the Arsenal way. The issue is Wenger has set the standards (with not alot of cash) and like all football fans we get carried away just like Charlton did with Curbishly thinking they need another manager to take them to the next step and look at what happened to them! Now obviously that's not going to happen to Arsenal but they could fade out to say 5th 6th or 7th if the wrong person is brought in. Wenger knows whats needed and I think they should stick with him unless PEP is available, but even so PEP would want funds. He's won everything at Barca so a new challenge maybe awaits him?
      Anyhow I'm off for some food and t the pub with my Gooooooner mate here's to Marching On to a win :) M.O.T

    • John, your post is very welcome. Last year, I was in London but this year I will be shouting from Yorkshire. Last year there was good craic between the supporters of both clubs; before, during, and after the match; especially on our respective boards – and win or lose (please, not draw!), I hope the fan camaraderie continues.
      In the mythology of football, “Dirty Leeds” is the ‘bad guy’, while “Fever Pitch” Gunners wears the white hat – a bit of irony there, as we are the Whites! However, as the bad guys, we know which teams and their fans are true and which are plastic.
      Any true footy fan cannot but respect what Wenger has produced at Arsenal; he did for the Gooners what Howard Wilkinson started at Leeds – before he was cut-off at the knees!
      Presently, the vast difference between Arsenal and Leeds is down to one club sticking with its visionary manager. I cannot understand why (some?) Arsenal fans are calling for Wenger’s head.
      Naturally, I wish luck for Leeds tonight (we’ll need it!) but, equally, I wish you and yours all the best too.

    • I understand the loss of one of your defenders for the rest of the season is a big blow, but just to even things up (a bit), here's a nice titbit of info.

      The last time Arsenal lost in an FA Cup game at home was back in 1997. Against........................That's right. Leeds Utd!

      Boy we have some history. Good to see Grayson comments that he will playing to win, and not just sitting back. That would have been boring to watch.

      Get your shouting voices ready guys!!!!

    • Cheers John what would the FA cup be like without Arsenal Leeds ties? I have always remembered them to be great encounters, should be a fantastic atmosphere again, hope I get a ticket my best mates a gooner so either way one of us is getting some stick lol. M.O.T