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    Simon Grayson – strong or weak?

    In a recent article about how José Mourinho prepares Real Madrid, an insider said, "Players only see two types of coaches: strong and weak." I wonder whether Leeds players see Simon Grayson as strong or weak. If weak, it would explain why he is not getting the best out of them.

    Following, are a few excerpts from the article – for the full piece, check out http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/blog/2011/dec/09/jose-mourinho-real-madrid-clasico-barcelona

    Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema talked of Mourinho turning him into a "warrior"; and about how respect comes through fear and friendship, but above all, through results. He said, "Sometimes he (Mourinho) tells you what'll happen and it does – exactly. I don't know how, but it's incredible."

    Cristiano Ronaldo says, "In the 24 hours before each game, Mourinho studies the opposition like no one; there are two or three tactical talks”

    Kaká talks of "a coach who works hard tactically, likes the team to have great intensity and prepares well with concrete details: how this player moves, set plays, roles… The work is very good indeed. We know what to do if we lose the ball – we know we have to return to specific positions and recreate a shape quickly. Attackers have obligations too: we are fundamental in the defensive system. The speed of recuperation is very important."

    Would any Leeds player give Simon Grayson similar endorsements to those Benzema, Ronaldo, and Kaka gave José Mourinho?

    With the lid still firmly on the Andy O’Brien situation, and the Twitter ban in place, it seems that, by gagging players, Leeds has something to hide.

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    • Dennis Wise had Gus Poyet backing him and, initially, full support from Uncle Ken. The club was united in adversity but, soon after the 25 point deduction appeal failed, so did the unity.
      Simon Grayson is struggling to occupy the joint roles Wise and Poyet fulfilled, and Uncle Ken's support is as useful as a chocolate teapot.

    • Easy, on the Hull board, in another discussion, we talked about how some people rub others up the wrong way. Ken Bates seems to enjoy rubbing people up the wrong way; he probably sees it as a characteristic of his ‘sense of humour’, where he is the master wind up merchant. He does not get that, basically, he is a bully.
      I would bet on Ken Bates getting pleasure out of winding up Leeds fans. Issuing contradictory statements – demanding promotion on one hand and refusing to invest in the team on the other – is an example of how he gets his rocks off.
      Doubtless, when fans are just about to give up hope, Ken will switch to his Saviour of Leeds persona and find funds for Simon to sign a couple of players to keep us in the hunt for promotion – with the key word being hunt!
      On a lighter note, Frohliche Weihnachten und Eine Guten Neue Jahr to you too!

    • Thought so Easy, same as mine 2609 . Typical Libran always "tilting the lance trying to find the balance from life, looking to right wrongs etc, etc, gets you into a few scrapes. Wife says I cant mind my own business, maybe she has a point, who knows. Got a few years on you though and a bit nearer the reapers shadow but still ducking and diving. Wishing and hoping.

    • I told you Jack Daniels did the business, Easy.

    • I meant to sa why DOESN`T Bats write?

    • Day, Month, there is just the year missing! My eldest gave my tha handle many years back! Cornwall is the land of my Father and not to go there when I had the chance, after such a long time, would have been very remiss of me! Now I am glad I went, but sorry I waited so long and missed so much! Cannot turn the wheel back Tom, same as we cannot turn the wheel back for Leeds and ER even though we would like to, that is probably a good thing, things change and we move on, for the better WE hope! Here is my reply to Bats, why does he write, to the Bates won`t take any Risk! The Liberals ofcourse Bats! Bates says he won?t take risks! Bats Life is a risk. living is a risk, getting up in the morning is a risk, crossing the road is a risk, flying, sailing, skiing, moutain climbing, I can go on forever! What Bates means is won`t take a risk where money is concerned! That in itself is very commendable and would be applauded, if? If it was anybody else saying it! Give a dog a bad name and it sticks, no matter, what comes after! Its NOT a matter of getting ones head around it, its a matter of Mr Bates true motives for saying it! I do not personally know Mr Bates, nor do I really want to know him, he probably kind to old ladies and loved his mother, but that is not the issue here! The issue here is Bates has lost the trust and confidence of a big majority of the Fans, rightly or wrongly, with his antics, past, present and in the future! He could turn up in a Father Christmas Suit and say how he is going to do this or that for the club and nobody would believe him simply because he has shown himself as untrustworthy in their eyes! The banks won`t lend money, what to anybody or just to him? They have people who are in risk management, do they see a risk in Mr B? I do`nt want to continue because then I will be accused or preaching! To evrybody I want say Frohliche Weihnachten und Eine Guten Neue Jahr!

    • Bloody hell Easy, deep thought- provoking post .Felt the tears welling up mate. Sign of getting on in age. Used to work on a farm during my teens to enable me to spend most of my summer holidays down in Cornwall - Gwithian Towans to be precise. You must go there next April if you go its just across the bay from St Ives. Still get a bit choked when I stand on the cliffs and look across towards Godrevy Lighthouse. The place is seared in my soul. Memories, memories. Used to get the same feeling watching the team come out onto the pitch before a match at ER, that feeling of excitement and anticipation, turned to one of anxiety these days. Fabrics of life. If it ain't too personal, what does the 2609 refer to?

    • The best football we have played since relegation from the Premier League was under Dennis Wise, a man with zero emotional attachment to the club. #justsaying ! Having no emotional attachment is a good thing Peter! For instance if you are a Farmer or such! Just imagine a cattle farmer getting emotionally attached to your cattle, or a chicken farmer getting emotionally attched to his chickens you know what I mean! What is football all about, apart from the physical, the tactical and the financial? Its about Passion and Emotion, or? Though I do understand that for a Manager to be too emotionally attached to his club is probably the same as a farmer getting too emotionall attached to his Farm,though having said that many do though! Not to the individual chickens but to the buildings, the history, the name call it what you will! I have lived in places which, for one reason or another I have thought, this has got to be in the sticks, but met people who have said to me, "when I see the Church Spire etc etc of whereever, I get all knotted inside and sentimental/emotional! I think we are ALL built that way, I know I do when I go back to the UK and especially around the Hull area, though to millions it is the sticks! See what I mean? Though I do see what Peter is trying to say, but does it mean that people with an emotional attachment to a club shouldn`t become Managers of that Club? No! I don`t think so, though what it does mean is that these people can have a very hard time seeing things, objectively, in perspective or subjectively? Their emotions are bound to get in the way, goes without saying! It is probably why Simon Grayson has such an hard time of it! Emotionall attachment is part of our make up, our DNA if you like we have just got to live with it and control it and try not to let it control us, or? Maybe as Peter say SG is in the "Everybody hates us etc" frame of mind, because it is something he grew up with and learnt to live with and naturally associates with the Club he loves so much! So yes he probaly need to grow out of it for the sake of the Club he loves, or leave, for the same reason, like the person who leaves the the person they love when they see it is not being returned and they are happier with someone else! You know the song by Bobby Vee " Take Good care of My Baby", well, maybe that applies or Frankie Boys "Tower of Strength" Frankie Vaughan not Sinatra! Actually so him sing that at the London Palladium back in 1961! Memories, and emotions, are made of this! Fröhes Fest und Eine Guten Rutsch!

    • Tom, hit the nail on the head - Andy never change the way you post.

      As much as we admire and can relate to SG's love of the club, is this necessarily a good thing? Does this mean he is a little frightened to make big changes, eager to keep everybody happy etc? The past 6 or 7 years have heralded a brand new era for the club, and whilst I am by no means suggesting we forget tradition, we have the opportunity to forge a new identity... Developers of young talent, breeding ground for foreigners (Honduras, South Africa, USA?), playing attractive football.. I don't know whether SG is still too much in the "everybody hates us, we don't care" mindframe, when in reality we are considered inconsequential to many of our biggest rivals until we return to the top flight...

      The best football we have played since relegation from the Premier League was under Dennis Wise, a man with zero emotional attachment to the club. #justsaying

    • Thanks, Tom!

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