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  • Andrew Andrew Dec 18, 2011 20:11 Flag

    Simon Grayson – strong or weak?

    For all the positives Simon Grayson has brought to Leeds, he appears to be Ken Bates’ Joey – i.e. in his pocket. Fans see this and, you can bet, players see more of it.
    A top manager, like, say, Jose Mourinho would not put up with Ken Bates’ micromanagement of the playing side of the club. Because Simon is Bates’ Joey, he is not seen as ‘the boss’. Therefore, he is weak in the minds of fans and players.
    Simon Grayson may be a young manager – actually, he is only six years younger than Jose Mourinho – but his progress as a manager will be stunted for as long as Bates sticks his neb into the playing side of our club, or until Grayson grows a pair and tell Bates what’s what.

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    • I actually disagree about Grayson being Bates' joey; reading between the lines of KB's statements in the previous six weeks about poor performances, trimming the squad and expecting promotion, I believe that there is a little bit of tension between the two - KB is almost looking for a reason to get rid of SG, as ludicrous as that would be. Any improvement on last season's performance, including defeat in the playoffs, is a reasonable season; I think it would be next season that promotion can be demanded!

      As for trimming the squad, if it is to get rid of players that we haven't utilised at all, then that is an example of poor financial management and wage budgeting. Forssell and Varynen, for example, have not had the opportunity to shine, and neither has Sam to a degree, so if we try and trim the wage budget by offloading them, then it is no wonder we cannot afford the necessary wages for the likes of Howson and White after wasting six months wages.

      The trimming of O'Brien, Bruce, Rachubka and Parker from the squad seems a lot more reasonable, and by getting rid of them and investing some of the money from the sales of Kasper and Gradel.

      I don't think that Keogh is the long-term answer, and therefore don't want to see another O'Brien or McCartney situation where we extend the deals of players doing OK rather than trying to get players who are BETTER.

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      • I have read all your posts, Andy, Lotto, Peter! It is was really very interesting. The slightly different points of view making a picture of what sort of Manager Simon Grayson is! Is it right for us to make comparisons? Ofcourse it is, it is also necessary! Andy talks of Grayson as Bateses "Joey", Lotto about the lack of respect he receives from the players therby from KB! Peter referes to Mr B`s desire to be rid of Simon! It is a perspective thing I think, meaning from what perspective are we looking at thsi man? During my time in uniform I had the misfortune to meet some right B`s, but once or twice in the fifteen years I met what can only be termed as a "Gentleman"! Now what is a Gentleman, and here I am not talking about someone who knows which fork to use etc! A Gentleman is someone who earns respect because he gives respect, icky a two edge sword respect, you don`t get it if you don`t give it, or show it! Intelligent people see this and respond to it. It does not prevent discipline being instilled or hard work, hard words or such like, but it is done in a manner in which all parties can see, hear and appreciate what is happening! I was lucky in my time as a Civi working for the forces after my uniformed stint in that during my last eight years up until 1992 I worked with a "Real Gent"! He never had to raise his voice, or resort to putting you down, he simply had what it takes, its called "Man Management"! As a Civi over here I have had run ins with the complete opposite, but thats another story! Simon Grayson is a Leeds Lad, he loves Leeds and I think that because of that he acceptted the job as Leeds Manager, and because of that he takes along with it alot of stick from BB, and some heckling from the players and disgruntled comments from the Fans! It is my opinion that he does this because he really really wants to be Manager of Leeds United and he really really wants to be the one to bring them back into the Premiership and would you believe if I said his biggest desire is probably to Win the Premiership with Leeds! All this makes him a very vulnerable person! Vulnerable especially to people like BB! The players sense his vulnerabilty and see it as a probable weakness and bless em, they, well some of them exploit it! These are the ones who have not learnt about the two edged sword called respect! If they want it, they need to show it! Simple really! Peter you mentioned the complacency of the players! I quite agree, some of them are too complacent by far! They are just content to pick up their big pay packets and wait for a better offer to come along! They do not share SG passion and desires for the club, they are a bit like BB, they all have dollar signs in their eyes! Leeds are playing nowhere near their best and far from that what they are capable of! The players look more at bates than they do at Grayson! This has got to stop! BB is just thinking money, money, not Leeds, not Fans, just money! I could probably go on but just let me finish by saying "The Gent" I worked with took over the Units Football Team and in his first season took the First Team to the Arms Championships winning Major and Minor Cups along the way! PS he also sucured promotion for the Second Team by them winning their League! Just shows what a bit of Mutual Respect can achieve!