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  • Andrew Andrew Dec 23, 2011 20:24 Flag

    New Year wishes for LUFC

    The obvious wish for Leeds fans in 2012 is promotion – earned through outstanding play. However, miracles aside, given our stuttering performances so far this season, we need a specific wish list for January. Here is mine:

    1. A replacement for Max Gradel - We need a tricky winger with pace and the ability to run at defenders. Letting Mad Max go was a big mistake, as our remaining players do not provide the same threat. Sam is looking off the pace and lacking confidence. Snoddy is tricky but has no pace. White is good at running the line but he is not a skilled dribbler. Nunez is not a winger. Keogh and McCormack are good at hustling in the box but not at wide play.
    2. A creative, defensive midfielder, preferably with a bit of pace, who can control the centre of the park – someone to play alongside Clayton/Howson, a play maker, with the authority to insist that the ball is played through midfield and not lobbed up the pitch – I am still wondering why Larry has not used Vayrynen in this role!
    3. A Captain who can motivate and organise the side – someone as described in wish #2
    4. A fit Eric Lichaj as our first choice Right Back – Connolly has done okay in this position but lacks the pace to complement White on the other side.
    5. A big Centre Back to play alongside Lees – Kissa is struggling for form and, although a brilliant header of the ball, his jumps are mistimed. O’Dea has a better understanding/partnership with Lees, but I think we need more height in our defence.
    6. Alex McCarthy signed as a back-up goalkeeper.
    7. Match officials recognising that we are no longer “Dirty Leeds” and giving us a fair shout when they make game-changing decisions.
    8. Match day ticket prices designed to encourage young fans to join the LUFC family and secure its future
    9. Simon Grayson with more tactical nous, less predictability, the full support of the Club/dressing room, and the confidence to use all the players in the squad in their right positions without fear or favour.
    10. Ken Bates taking a back seat - supporting Leeds with investment in the playing side of the Club, instead of using it as a platform to air his controversial views, and finding a ‘successor’ (a la Roman Abromovich) who can actually return Leeds to greatness.

    I would like to hear how my wish list tallies with yours.


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    • My Wish List is very short! Ken Bates retires to his Sunny retreat as the Doctors have said he is not long for this world! Wherby he leave ALL his money to Leeds United!

    • I'd agree Andy, only thing is Bates has already stated Banks don't lend money for buying players only Executive boxes and Hotels! Never mind the millions he's made from player sales going back to Delph etc and the cup runs, the false promises regarding Thorpe Arch etc, my number one wish is for Bates to sell to somebody who has the passion and desire to take the club forward and stop fleecing the fans. It is a recession and we seem to be the only club not offering discounts.

    • I don't know what your on about saying that we need a new captin we have Johnny i know he is injured but still we don't need a new winger we need a new right and centre back and we need Ken Bates to just off

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      • Sean, Johnny was a great VC when he was backing up Nayls and leading through example. IMO, since acquiring the arm band, by default, Johnny's performances have suffered. He is a great player but not a 'shouter' or commander and would benefit from having that weight taken off his shoulders. As for your other points, read my wish list again.

    • Most would agree with your points made Andy. Utopian dream ? Yes, but remains a dream and not attainable for us as long we have Bates in charge of finances. There are players available and have been available on the market and obtainable to match our requirements but yet again we have the same obstacle to contend with…Bates.
      My wish list is quite simple, LU minus Bates = opportunity to succeed.
      Until then we will continue to tread water until someone comes to rescue us before the dream becomes a nightmare.