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  • Lottolee Lottolee Dec 25, 2011 17:37 Flag

    Derby v Leeds (the end for Larry?)

    A win keeps us chasing that elusive second spot, but a defeat could see Larry's departure?
    Head says 2 - 1 Derby ---- Heart says 2 - 1 Leeds

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    • Head has beaten thae heart again Lotto!

    • I think you may be right with your assumption Lotto!
      No chairman in their right mind would make the comments Bates has been making unless they desperately wanted rid of their manager. The man is proving to be a worse nightmare than ever. Whatever Larrys' misgivings he does not deserve the treatment he is getting.
      Bates will only alienate himself with the fans, and in my opinion we could be back in Division 1 next season and not in the premiership, or at least on the slippery slope there.
      Anyone in their right mind can see we do not have a team capable of getting promotion no matter who the manager is (and that includes Revie), so why all this rhetoric all of a sudden.
      Is there more to this than meets the eye?

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      • Oh yes Bryan, there is definately more! Bates takes the Fans for complete Morons because only a moron would believe his rhetoric! Naturally he is surrounding himself with lots of I told him and I told you, and didn`t I say, etc etc! The man is a cold hearted, calculating macjine motivated, disgrace to humanity! As a person he is a failure, he wallows in a cesspool of lies and deceit regarding Leeds United, Simon Grayson and Promotion! No self respecting person can believe a word he say! Shyster that he is he will have himself remembered as the epitome of Disgraceful Behaviour in the Footballing World! If I can think of three people football can do without its Bates Blatter and Platini!

      • Well Bryan, if this is some sort of Bates motivation techniques then he is going about it the wrong way. He has alienated most of the fans and has already lost 5000 in one season with overpriced tickets and poor stewarding, does he think slagging the manager and players off will raise their game? Calling your own fans Morons?
        I as a football fan love reading autobiography's Oleary's, Batty, Gazza etc and I asked santa for Keane's (yes Roy Keane), I wanted an insight into what made him tick compared to players of today, anyhow he goes onto say that one big difference regarding the old foe is that the players understand the need to give 100% everytime you put that shirt on, sadly that's one thing we lack and is rarely seen on a matchday, but this all relates to the atmosphere around Elland Road, have the players and management had enough and just put in standard shifts, raising their game for cup matches and thing like Speed? Are you going to raise your game when your getting slagged off or think stuff that!
        I have never known it be so depressing, no atmosphere and the oh god were one nil down again, the players not motivating the fans, gloomy dark days ahead me thinks. If Larry does go will it not be after the January window so someone comes in steady's the ship and puts their own stamp on the team at the end of the season therefore Bates does not have to pay the money owed to creditors if we got promoted? So many twists and turns to come, IMO the league is poor again and money spent wisely would ensure promotion but hey that's not going to happen! M.O.T as ever try to keep the faith, I struggle and as the weeks progress I find it harder and harder to part with hard earned money simple answer BATES OUT!