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    I am just a kid and even I can figure that there has been a falling out between Simon and Ken. Its quite obvious that there has been a falling out. But Ken your probably not goin to read this but if you want to get an opinion from the fans you should read this please keep Simon Grayson. Everybody that reads this put your support to Simon Grayson. If someone reads this is good with technology start .a petition

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    • Sean, there has been a falling out at Leeds between Grayson and O'Brien. How this affects other people at Elland Road no one, other than those on the inside, knows - as always at Leeds, fans are kept in the dark. If this falling out is detrimental to the morale of the dressing room, to the extent that Grayson no longer has the respect of his players, then Bates will take action. However, until 'the delicate situation' is sorted out, there is no reason to assume Bates has 'fallen out' with Grayson.

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      • I think its quite obvious that there has been a falling out between Simon and Ken. Ken has not given him any money to use in the Summer you tell me how much money he has spent since he joined Leeds I Cant get the exact figure on Google but i wouldn't say its much his record is good its 50.3% win record he said on the club website that he would spend so i hope he does i still think he will get the chop soon

    • Dear Sean, I always reply to fans letters, I am after all Santa, well after saving your club twice by not putting any money into Leeds, I have not fallen out with Simon, as long as he tows the line like Simon Sez which has been changed for political reasons to what Ken says goes! I will give Simon some money to bring in a new player maybe even 2, I just need to get rid of a few more from the squad maybe Ross and Snoddy then we can bring in some freebies. Thanks for your continued support and keep filling my pockets with your hard earned cash and remember Blue is the colour football is the game, god bless all the Leeds faithful you have made my Monaco home a kingdom. And remember there are still tickets available for Burnley and executive boxes need filling you know the new ones that cost a lot of money.