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    Across the Sea

    I live in Ireland and I am a season ticket holder for Shamrock Rovers (The team that were in the Europa League) We have been League Champions for two years in a row and one of the brightest young talents is Karl Shepard a twenty year old striker who was injured for half of the season but when he came back he score 9 goals in just 18 league appearances. He is already being targeted by Reading and Notts Forest. Reading who have already taken Shane Long and Kevin Doyle from Cork and look where they have gone in their football careers. Another one is Edna Stevens and he has signed for Aston Villa. There are so many great young talents in Ireland such as James McClean who went to Sunderland. Stephen McDonnel and Stephen Rice who were both at Arsenal are now at Rovers. If Leeds took a risk like Reading have done in the past with Long and Doyle maybe like the two of them we could have a couple of great players. They all wouldn't cost more than one hundred thousand and even give trials too a few players and them we could decide if they want to buy or not. Any replys or opinions will be taken.

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    • We have always had great players come over from Ireland, also Scotland not forgetting Wales as well, we used to have quite a few pre-season friendlies lets hope the scouts keep looking, if you have any videos you should send them in to Thorpe Arch. M.O.T

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      • After the rip off that was Bates’ own bank, the Irish Trust Bank, I cannot see how anyone from ‘over the sea’ would have anything to do with this funny money man ever again.
        Here is an excerpt from the potted history of Ken Bates:

        Bates moves to Dublin and opens his own bank – Irish Trust Bank.
        The bank is focused on small savers in Ireland and attracts 1,400 savers in its first year of operation (including George Best and Bobby Charlton)
        1971. Bates' bank advances a large sum to International Trust Group, which also,
        curiously, owns 20 per cent of the bank itself.
        17th April 1972. Following concerns from the Irish Central Bank, Bates resigns as a director to be replaced by Freddie Pye (a former wrestler, scrap merchant and Chairman of Stockport County.) Pye Metals immediately secures a loan of £200,000 from the bank.
        1975. Irish Trust Bank is in difficulties. The Irish Central Bank cites too many loans to anonymous offshore entities; with the loans not being repaid. Bates, even though he is not officially a shareholder or director fights a court action to revoke the bank's license.
        23rd March 1976. Bates and two other men (described as “heavies”) walk onto the bank's premises and seize documents. A warrant for Bates’ arrest is issued. A judge orders Bates to return the papers but grants the application to close down the Irish Trust Bank.
        1977: Across Ireland, many small savers are faced with losing their life savings. The Irish Government intervenes, during election year, and promises to repay all the lost savings in full. A subsequent investigation could not prove that the bank loaned money “directly to Bates or any (off-shore and therefore impenetrable) company Bates was directly associated with”… “There were however some remarkable coincidences”.

    • Good point Sean we used to have a steady stream of talent coming out off the Emerald Isle but seems to have dried up of late. Maybe our scouts if we have any these days look at the wrong end of the age range. Old tight RS Bates likes players on approval before he will shell out from the Bank of Bates and wont look beyond the loan market, which would not suit the likes of some of the smaller teams on tighter budgets than ours. Send Bates a copy of your post in an envelope with " Donation to the East Stand Development Fund" on the front and you might have a chance of him opening and reading it.
      Thanks for the post good to hear from across water.