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  • Tom Tom Dec 31, 2011 17:34 Flag

    Against the Tykes

    We are all feeling the pain at the moment Andy, non more than Simon. As feared Barnsley tore us apart and we are lucky the score wasn't double. I never thought I would say it but it serves Simon right. The writing has been on the wall since the end of October and the changes he made have not been been effective or good enough to bring about any major improvement . I feel you are right about Simon loosing the dressing room. Simon said in his post match interview "that performance" was unacceptable and there would be some players who would not be playing for Leeds again! Strong words that suggests to me that post match discussions must have been of a very personal and candid nature,if so he has really lost the dressing room. There is a growing opinion that Simon must go. If changes are to be made at managerial level then I personally cant see it being done before Monday. Neither can I see Bates releasing any more cash or loan vouchers to a manager and staff that seem to have lost the plot big time can you? I think if I was Simon I would beat Bates to it and do the honourable thing and resign rather than having to run the gauntlet over the next week or so. I expect the headlines to read "Leeds United have parted company with their manager Simon Grayson by mutual agreement and wish to thank him for his past contribution to the club over the last three years."
    Sad state of affairs Andy, however I hope this cloud has a silver lining .
    All the best to you Andy for the New Year and to all our fellow posters. MOT into 2012

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    • I am afraid you have got the situation spot on Tom.
      As much as do not want Simon to go, KB will have someone in mind by now ( I am sure he would like to get Poyet back, but he ha no chance), but who? I don't think there is anyone out there that would a) come to ER under the present rule, and b) would be able to turn things round with the present squad unless given a shed load of cash, which we know won't happen.
      I believe one of the biggest problems SG has had is his back room staff who in my opinion are poor, so maybe a clear out might motivate the lads enough to get us back into a play off spot.
      Very sad state of affairs, but let's all have PMA for the future.
      Happy New Year yo one and all !!

    • Tom spot on, I feel for the thousands who week in week out fork out hard earned cash to watch that drivel! Bates do one get the hell out of our club, Larry you have not been able to motivate the team for months apart from the Speed stuff, always it is unacceptable same old same old I wish you well for the future and you will always be welcome back but it's time for change. I hope it's not another season wasted 15,000 crowds next season Bates your doing well to finish our club!

    • Best wishes to you, Tom, too; to all posters on this board and especially to Leeds United.
      IMO, I think Bates will keep Larry on (unless Larry resigns and saves Bates money) until the end of the season, providing a bit of investment, in order to just keep Leeds in the Championships.
      In accordance with his plan for Leeds to return to the Prem in 2013, Bates will recruit a new manager and spend heavily on capable players next summer.
      All this beggars the question: why bother supporting our side when we know its owner has no ambition for our side this season?
      With Bates there is no marching on together, just marching to his megalomaniac tune.

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      • Another useless poor performance, Graysons views on games are mostly through rose coloured specs, we have been lucky in alot of games this season, we have played well in a handfull of games only and When things are going wrong Grayson does nothing to change the game, he just looks lost and out of his depth on tactics.No passion, Now is the time for a change, thats if Ken Bates will go for a tough Scot manager like Billy Davies or look for another soft yes man as all the others have been !! But Happy New Year to you all !! lets hope Billy Davies wants a challenge , his ego and a sleeping giant of Leeds could be special. Come on Ken , try a manager with passion and spirit, oh !! and his own mind !!