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  • Andrew Andrew Dec 30, 2011 20:47 Flag

    Against the Tykes

    With Snoddy, Johnny, and Lees unavailable, the team is looking thin and Leeds will have to spring some kind of surprise to overcome Barnsley. I suspect that the following line-up might have enough fire in their bellies to want to prove they can get a positive result.

    Connolly, Bruce, O’Dea, White;
    Clayton, Vayrynen, Pugh;
    Nunez, Forssell, McCormack.
    Subs: McCarthy, Bromby, Taylor, Keogh, Sam

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    • Sorry Andy I disagree with 433, that midfield set up would get ripped apart by the Barnsley midfield, they have too much pace. Nunez and McCormack aren't known for their defensive play especially Ross and would spend a lot of the game tracking back as cover would be needed to contain Butterfield, Perkins, Vaz Te and company. I can see our fullbacks being given a hard time tomorrow.Its 451 for me.I would go for Andy K up front and Ross in a central midfield role to play off Andy. Andy for me is the best we have to make the runs and drag the centre backs apart.Their defence can be very fragile at times and I feel that they can be exposed and exploited from midfield.

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      • Tom, I chose 4-3-3 as a form of 4-5-1 because I do not know enough about Forssell, whether he can play lone striker. With Vayrynen in the centre of midfield, I was going for player partnerships, which I thought the Finns would have.
        4-2-3-1 would have been my preferred formation, with Clayton and Vayrynen playing the defensive partnership at the back of midfield; White and Pugh overlapping on the left; and Nunez and McCormack creating chances in the space behind Forssell.
        I did not even name Kisnorbo and Brown because they are too slow. I left Becchio out because he is not a shadow of the player he was last season….
        All this is academic. Grayson chose a 4-4-2 formation and played Kisnorbo and Brown. No pace, no imagination, no performance, and a result we all feared yet expected.
        There will now be strong calls for Simon Grayson’s head. Based on the evidence of recent performances, and his post match comments about players not being committed, it seems that Simon has lost the dressing room. If this is the case, then no number of new signings in January will change this, unless replacing the whole team.
        Setting aside the hubris resulting from an extra marital affair and his falling out with Andy O’Brien, Simon Grayson’s problems really started in the summer when he was unable to recruit the team he wanted. This is surely due to Bates’ lack of investment. That Simon should take a bullet for Bates seems unjust but I suspect that is the nature of life at Leeds under this current regime.
        Marching On Together will be an embarrassing irony for as long as Bates runs Leeds.

    • Sorry Andy, but as you well know that team will never make the starting blocks.
      Whoever plays I am afraid I fear another drubbing, as we have been very poor in so called derby matches over the last few seasons, and the added pressure on LG may well begin to tell.

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      • Your right Bryan, can you imagine Hudders,and the two Sheffield teams in the next few seasons? We need to get out this season, payback for the drubbing last season and home defeat this season should be enough to get the players up for it! I'd also be saying 6,000+ fans cheering you on give them something to shout about!
        No excuses this time lads Larry's time is running out it's up to you to save his job. I really don't know what team I'd pick? M.O.T