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  • Sean Sean Dec 31, 2011 14:52 Flag

    I Love Him. But...

    Simon Grayson what a man and the things he has done at our club our unbelievable. But is it time to go after the embarrassing defeat to Barnsley. I h onestly don't know. What do yous think

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    • Well mate I honestly think it's time for a fresh face to come in or we could end up in a relegation battle, something is not right in that dressing room, whether it's to do with O'Brien I don't know, Larry has done wonders with nothing but has also brought in pure tosh players, as for Bates he can do one! Thanks for 3 years Larry but Macca lost 5 in a row and you aint far behind. I'm not looking forward to Burnley I hope it's not £90 down the drain :( M.O.T