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    O'Brien situation

    This is a copy of a post doing the rounds on a few messgae boards that i want to share with you, certainly explains a lot!! "I had a very long chat with someone who works at Leeds United yesterday afternoon and they have told me some information that is doing the rounds at LUFC and they believed this to be a direct reason for our sudden slump in form, I feel this information needs to be shared as we as fans have a right to know and innocent... people should not be hounded out of LUFC as a result.

    The club source believes Leeds' form is a result of the way Andy O'Brien is being treated by Grayson following the collapse of his wedding in the summer. Andy was due to marry his girlfriend in the summer, half way into July, however his would-be wife refused to sign a prenuptial agreement, forcing Andy to call the wedding off just under a week before his big day; he asked Grayson to be omitted from training for a few weeks to sort things out and get his head together, which the manager agreed to and cited O'Brien had a "side strain" and would be missing for a few weeks of pre-season.

    O'Brien returned to training just before the Newcastle home friendly and was re-instated back into the side however Grayson pulled him from the first-team because of his lack of fitness after the Bradford game, by this point Andy's confidence was shot to pieces and the response he got from the fans didn't help either, Grayson re-called O'Brien to the first 11 against Leicester, AOB told Grayson he wasn't ready to return due to his current state of mind but after a long chat with Grayson he reluctantly played and had a decent game. During the week between the Leicester and Burnley game Andy went to Grayson and told him he didn't feel his mind would be on the job and didn't want to play at Burnley as he felt depressed, Grayson kicked off and told him if he didn't play at Burnley he would never play under him again at Leeds, he then went public that Andy refused to play for Leeds, which was not the case and he merely asked for some extra time away from football due to his state of mind and didn't feel it fair to be involved in football if his head wasn't 100%.

    Needless to say the player's are fucking fuming with Grayson for the handling of the Andy O'Brien situation and the majority of the player's want him out, there is no effort being put in with the exception of his golden boys Snodgrass and Howson; if you look back at when things started going pear shaped you will see it started at Burnley, we were lucky to win that day with 2 efforts from Snodgrass and in the Forest and Millwall games the player's were playing for Garry Speed and not Simon Grayson.

    The guy I spoke with reckons the player's will know that tomorrow could be Grayson's last game for us if the team lose, so he isn't expecting us to win; the player's have lost all respect for Grayson as all he does is fall out with players and isolates them; so the players are responding by not playing for him."

    Sad state of affairs down at ER if this is true.

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    • Just letting you down lightly Lotto me lad!

    • So it is NOT what you do with it then? I am getting jarred off with Yahoo and their advertisement and msgs telling me of unavoidable problems! Together with T.Online that seems to go into reverse just about midday until midnight! Oh but I can remedy this, all I have to do is spend another €15/20 a month and I can be assurred of more speed! Into drugs are we now?

    • Our lass is a big liar then!

    • It does not take much for a struggling manager to lose the dressing room – a careless outburst at the wrong time may be enough. The questions about why Simon Grayson is struggling are:
      1. Does he have the tactical nous to get his players believing in his game plans?
      2. Does he have the man-management to inspire his players?
      3. Does he have the financial support of his chairperson and club management in building a winning team?
      4. Does he have the backroom staff and scouting resources to enable him to achieve success?
      5. Does he have the belief that comes from the security of self-confidence, to be obsessed with achieving success?
      Presently, the answers to these questions are ‘no’.
      In defence of Simon Grayson, if what you report, Jez, about the Andy O’Brien situation is true; AOB seems to be a wuzz, someone unable to separate his personal and professional life. Simon supported him, initially at least, and has grounds for feeling let down by AOB.
      However, I doubt other players would be siding with AOB if they had belief in Grayson – I suspect Leeds players are as frustrated by Simon’s tactics and team selections as are us fans - playing ‘favourites’ is no way to built team spirit!
      There are players in the present team hoping Leeds is a horse they can ride to Premiership careers. Without investment in the playing side of the club, these players will change horses at the first opportunity. This is additional pressure on Grayson, applied by Bates and mates.
      No manager is much better than the backroom he has supporting him and, again, I suspect Simon does not have the support behind him he needs.
      Finally, as Simon is involved in an extra-marital relationship, I doubt that his focus is on his job - he is probably not getting enough sleep! Lack of sleep usually leads to poor decision-making and regrettable emotional outbursts.
      I still believe Simon is a lucky manager – as evidenced by our win against Burnley today – but Leeds needs more than luck to progress!

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      • Excellent post Andy, nicely analysed, as I have come to expect from you, yesterday I started a reply to the post from Jez, which was so long I had to continually save it as I went along, then what happens, me laptop overheated, fan probs (HP) say no more, so I lost everything! I started with "Two wrongs do not make a Right", and said something similarly to yourself in part though you added many new thoughts in reply to Jez, so I will not try to reconstruct my reply! Yes Simon may be a "Lucky" manager but with KB luck alone is not enough as you so rightly said! Keep up the good work! That goes for you too Jez! In fact it goes for ALL of you guys, and gals! Prost Neues Jahr!