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  • Andrew Andrew Jan 5, 2012 20:22 Flag

    Is Ken Bates right?

    Bates is scare mongering to justify his own actions and disguise his property development agenda, which have nothing to do with football.

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    • A couple of very interesting posts guy's and very well put together.
      Firstly with regard to the 23 man squad - what a load of horrocks! There is no way you can push for promotion with that small a squad, and Bates has been in football long enough to know that. Even with emergency loans in case of injury you will only get the rubbish left on the shelves outside of the transfer windows. even if every player was a utility player (which would mean you had a poor team anyway) you couldn't attempt promotion with that number of players. If he truly believes what he says then he is more off his rocker than I thought.
      With regards yo Lottos' post I agree with you Andy - Bates at his scaremongering best.
      Clubs will have to pull in the reins the same as everyone else in the recession and I am sure the banks have made that clear. Clubs are no different from any other business out there and the banks will assess their risk in the light of a clubs assets etc.
      He is just trying to justify spending even less money than normal so that the Bank of Bates goes from strength. The dig at Abramovich clearly shows that being outwitted still rankles with him and I hope it still does all the way to his grave.
      Please can someone find a rich benefactor soon to get rid of this obnoxious scourge from our great club.