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  • Andrew Andrew Jan 6, 2012 19:12 Flag

    Is Ken Bates right?

    ‘Dunno about West Ham, Welsh White, but here are the numbers of first team players at Premier League clubs (according to Soccerbase.com)
    35 Man City
    38 Man United
    40 Tottenham
    31 Chelsea
    41 Arsenal
    30 Liverpool
    29 Newcastle
    32 Stoke
    28 Norwich
    30 Sunderland
    28 Everton
    33 Swansea
    29 Aston Villa
    31 Fulham
    30 West Brom
    30 Wolves
    35 QPR
    26 Wigan
    32 Blackburn
    35 Bolton
    Only Norwich and Everton have squads as small as LUFC and only Wigan has a smaller squad.
    However, as you say, it is quality, not quantity, that counts. Both cost money but the former is a better return on investment – something our wily businessman owner, Ken Bates, does not seem to get!