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  • Alan H Alan H Jan 7, 2012 12:02 Flag

    Mournful Ken

    In principle a lot of what Bates spouted in the Daily Mail this morning for me was valid, from the heart, but sadly out of date. The FA cup was ours to treasure, a magnificent competition, for us the best in house competition in the world.
    But now it's a joke, approached with much disrespect because of other lucrative financial options. The game has moved on, but whether in the right direction is debatable in my thinking.

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    • David Rennie indeed a blast from the past 86 - 88. "Finny Haddock" would also solve our current defensive problem along side Chris Fairclough Lotto. :) Wilco's likely lads. If only.............

    • I still think the spark is there Alan, most fans love the FA cup, if the big boys want to gamble and put out a poor side then so be it, here's hoping Wenger puts out a weak team and we get another scalp in the next round. You only have to look at who we have played recently, Spurs, Liverpool,scum twice,and Arsenal twice fantastic for me :)

    • Bit of what he said.

      He claims the FA are 'chickens', afraid to challenge the top clubs in this country and scared of change at international level.
      Bates said: 'The FA are not strong enough. The FA Cup is the most prestigious competition of English football and it should be respected as such by the participants.
      'For clubs who do not respect the FA Cup, there are a number of sanctions the FA can take.
      'First they could fine them. They could deduct points. But the ultimate sanction would be not to nominate them for Europe.
      'Don't forget, every club that plays in Europe is nominated by the FA. Normally it's a rubberstamp job but it doesn't have to be. The FA are too weak, though.'