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  • John John Jan 9, 2012 21:45 Flag

    Thank you Leeds/Fans

    Not the spectacle I expected, but a good game.

    Leeds took their time to get going and sat back a bit, but when they got going they gave a very good account of themselves.

    McCormack looks like a very intelligent player. You'd do well to keep hold of the Spurs winger too. Nunez was pretty handy and White had a really good game.

    What a way to win though. A dream for us Arsenal fans on one hand, but an utter shame that it takes a 34yr old veteran to help us win a game. He is still class, and maybe if he'd started he probably would have faded quite quickly.

    5,000 of yours did you proud shouting to the end.
    This was a historic game, so there may have been something to take away.

    Until next time. I hope your season develops well for you, and Grayson gets you into a position to come up to the prem in August.

    You'll love it as Utd are on the wane with Fergie going mental.

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    • Thanks John, if I were to choose anybody to score the goal that spelled a narrow defeat for us, I would have chosen your charismatic ex-talisman; is brilliant to see him back at home, albeit only for two months.

      I was impressed with the boys out wide, but surprised that McCormack didn't start, as LB simply hasn't looked like banging in the goals lately..

      At least now we can focus on the league. Hopefully see you in the Prem next year, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you...