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  • Surely its only a matter of time before we hear "getting Ben (Parker) back is like signing a new player." Don't we need to sign new players, Ken?

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    • We should change the topic to LOANIES! FFS I'm getting really peeved off with our club, the money has been invested by the fans and all we get is buddy LOANIES!

    • Looks like Ben Parker's playing for Carlisle against Pools tomorrow, is he any good. What inside info can I give the lads.
      H---secret analyzer

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      • He's had some bad injury's of late but he is a good lad, spoke his mind about Howson last week so it's no surprise he has been shipped out, he will probably go on a free at the end of the season unless we sell White then he will be back, I personally hope he does well and we sign him up again, go on youtube and check out leeds millwall palyoff he runs from our box and then sets up Luciano for our goal that's what he is capable of when fit. M.O.T

    • Peter..Don't know about Jones but Pattison scored along with Billy Paynter as a Leeds X1 beat a Glasgow Celtic X1 at Thorpe Arch today.Cant be bad! Lets hope it kick starts BP's season as we need a striker of his ilk to spread a few centre backs about. Pattison seems to know where the back of the net is also. Lets hope....

    • The latest links are Richie Wellens and a bid to hijack Rangers proposed signing of Estonian fullback Enar Jaager... have we heard whether the triallists, Jones and Pattison, are still about?

    • Dream on McDuff!

    • Just had a text from mate at Leeds On The Road, apparently Lorimer has said Delph is coming back on loan, hope so :)

    • I post on this board first thing in the morning (my time), so usually find myself posting and then waiting a long time for replies... but worth it.

      I just check the official site, YEP, BBC, Soccernet and SkySports - more than enough for me to handle in a busy working day!

      Jason Koumas is a player I identified in July as a free agent who I think we should be chasing, however it does not bode well for Nunez's chances of consistent selection, and also seems to suggest that we may let Howson be sold during this window. To be fair, if he is not going to re-commit or be offered decent terms by Bates, we may as well sell him and get something for him in a season where through injury and a positional change he has had limited impact.

      Darren O'Dea is asking for a permanent deal this transfer window - he is on a season-long loan so I think it would be silly to lock anything in now. Only way I can see it being done is if it becomes cheaper for the club. What happens if he gets a Paddy type injury after we sign him permanently?

      Also being linked to Spurs fullback Adam Smith.. on loan in L1 at the moment, so must be pretty certain that he can step up I suppose...

    • Thanks, Peter. Your input to this board is liked too. YEP and TSS are my go-to sites for, mostly, pro v con Bates chatter but they tend to contain more opinion than facts.
      Posting on this board is a luxury I afford myself, either at the end of the day or during my morning coffee break. Most of my friends and colleagues think it is a crazy waste of my time, but they do much the same on FaceBook - and what a waste of time that is!
      Poke me with your thoughts!

    • Forgot to say Jason Koumas is on trial 32 years old, great player has he still got it? Can unlock a defence, but is he another Andy Reid?
      Could do a job M.O.T

    • There are so many false twitter accounts Peter but this is one I actually believe, another bit of poor Bates PR! I suppose you heard that Larry never played against Henry as well? Who do we believe eh?

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