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  • Andrew Andrew Jan 11, 2012 21:31 Flag

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5 star-rating policy

    Dunno how many of you check out other footy boards but, if you do, you will notice that they are full of conflicts of opinion. That is okay, footy boards exist for fans to express opinions. However, most opinions expressed on those boards are of a type that accuses someone with a conflicting opinion of being a “numpty”.
    Fortunately, this board seems to avoid such ‘name-calling’ conflict. Yet, it is one of the least subscribed Leeds supporters’ boards on the internet. Have you ‘numpties’ got it wrong! ( - :
    I believe that this Leeds board is one of the best online communities. I guess, like everyone else, I enjoy sharing my thoughts and feelings about Leeds. It is great when I see a flurry of posts on the board about this and that. It is not so great when the board goes dead or there are no responses.
    Whenever I check out the board, I try to read all posts and, even if I do not have time to reply, I award a rating. I know that a few stalwarts of the board do this too, but I just wondered what criteria we all use to rate posts. Here are mine:
    1 Star – I have never awarded any poster one star; if I do not like their post, I ignore it.
    2 Stars – I will only ever award two stars to an objectionable post; most likely from a supporter of another team.
    3 Stars – is what I award any Leeds supporter who has written a full sentence.
    4 Stars – is what I award when I read a post that I think is worth replying to.
    5 Stars – is what I award when a poster provides new and interesting information, analysis or comment

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    • Well I gave your öpost 4 Stars Andy, but as for the reply that will have to wait until I have read all the other replies, OK?

    • Ive noticed that Andy, I try to be constructive and add my own dodgy humour probably why I don't get many stars! Keep them coming 5*

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      • Lotto, your posts are great! You record what we are all feeling amid the shouting... I took a French relative to a match at ER. At one point, the ref made a poor decision and Leeds fans booed. My French relative thought we were booing the team and could not understand why. Ever since, I have wondered whether our players think like my French relation and that that's the reason they are jittery during home games. My point is that you tell it as it feels, and not as an outsider might interpret it. During a match there is only noise and feelings; thoughts, analysis, and explanations come later (hence footy boards, which are on-line substitutes for post-match pub sessions) but all our words are poor attempts to recreate the emotion and magic of matches.
        Your posts are mostly about the magic and good humour of games.
        'Keep them coming.