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  • Lottolee Lottolee Jan 13, 2012 16:00 Flag

    Leeds to shatter Crystals Palace?

    Scores on the doors?
    Palace 1 Leeds 3 Back to winning away from home.

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    • true, he and all the rest of us know`s Simon Grayson has not got the b*llocks to say no to anything, just a yes man. More sad news Howson`s off to Norwich, now there`s a good manager !! Mr Lambert !!

    • Billy, Bates needs Simon Grayson now more than ever, definately until the end of the season, who else can he use as a scapegoat?

    • Yes guys, I think Mr Bates picks his managers knowing he has them subserviant to him, can you imagine him laying the law down to a Billy Davis or similar manager , he denied that to me in his letter , but history supports that thinking ie, Blackwell and now Mr Grayson, it`s a shame as football is all about passion and if you tap into it with both players and the fan`s, then the sky`s the limit, it just makes me sad to see no passion and the fans leaving Elland Road in numbers !! It sounds like Mr Bates is sticking with Simon until the end of the season , I was hoping saturday and another probably poor performance against a lowly Ipswich might just be the final nail in the Grayson coffin, and a change we all need, life needs to be breathed into the club, and for me a passionate Billy Davis would tick alot of the boxes !! he plays football, gives youth a chance , and took forest to back to back play-offs on a budget before they spent with McLaren and still near relegation, bet Forest would have him back now !!!

    • Andy. Billy, it certainly seems that Bates is alot more canny than we give him credit for! It would seem that he had Grayson in his pocket from the day of his signing on as Manager!

    • Billy, I agree with pretty much everything you say.
      At Simon Grayson’s first match at Elland Road (Leeds v Leicester, Boxing Day 2008) I was sitting behind the dugouts and watching both team’s managers – Pearson for Leicester. The Leicester manager was big on the touchline, shouting instructions; Simon Grayson was a yard back and quiet. Leicester went one up in the first half and I thought the game was over. Yet, we equalised in the second half for an unbelievable result. At the end of that game, I believed Leeds had turned a corner and that the new manager with his dispassionate, hands in his tracksuit pockets approach, would lead Leeds back to glory – that we had a cool-thinking strategist at the helm – I believed the same for the rest of that season and the first half of the next.
      Some of Simon Grayson’s tactics and team selections then seemed to be incredibly predictable; almost as if he was setting Leeds up to lose – which we did often! This led to one of four conclusions:
      1. Simon Grayson was setting Leeds up to lose by using players out of place, predictable tactics and formations so any opponent would have an easy game – and if so, why?
      2. Simon Grayson is anything but a cool-thinking strategist
      3. Simon Grayson’s dispassionate approach does not inspire but alienates his players
      4. Ken Bates has not supported Simon Grayson in building a team capable of gaining promotion.
      Your letter from Ken Bates, in which he says "we don’t want another manager bankrupting the club do we", probably addresses at least two of the above conclusions.

    • The manager you listed all had and have great passion, wilko lost the plot abit in the end and was probably the most similar to Simon Grayson, but there is a steel in Keegan, Ferguson, Wenger , Billy Davis, Martin O`Neill, Lambert, Mourhinio, and the old greats like Shankley !! and Clough !! it still makes me smile when I hear them on old film, fantastic passion and full of life !! quite the opposite of our present staff, as for Ken Bates , all he is interested is in money , he will give the manager control of the team fully but not financially !! he controls that !! and he said that to me in a letter he replied to, I accused him of only employing "yes men", he said the manager has total control of the team but not the finances, he said to me "we don`t want another manager bankrupting the club do we", his words !! I still think with Leeds status and loan/free`s we still get a good pick of the players , just the manager play`s people in wrong places, poor strategy, not identifying opponents weaknesses prior to playing them, we are unprofessional !! poor !! time to get real and rattle some cages !! new manager NOW !!! please !! and lets get the ground full and behind the team !! give free tickets to servicemen and kids and fill the ground and get some feel good back at our beloved Elland Road !! Please !!!!!

    • Team ethics? Etihcs: Science of Morals, study of principals of human duty! As a Team, moral principles; rules of conduct! I think Lotto you have touched a nerve there! We know that Bates has no ethics we believe that Grayson has an healthy dose of ethics! What about the Team? You where not far out when you mentioned Swansea and how they train! It is okay for an individual to have ethics, but how does it fit in when applied to the team as an whole? Arjen Robben, once more a Bayern player, oh how I dislike Bayern, anyway Robben was accused of being withot ethics and being a prima donna and out for himself, but recent statistic proved them wrong. By 63% of his contacts with the ball he played the ball on (made a pass), he was above the average for the Bundesliga! So he proved them wrong and now bayern would NOT think of letting him go! Quote Christian nerlinger, Bayerns Manager, it does not matter which transfers we arrangein the summer, Robben will not be one of them! Team Ethics, team player same thing! When ALL play to the same rule of conduct, as per Swansea, they make themselves harder to beat! Leeds in the 60/70, Liverpool the same! Everybody MUST play to the same TEAM ETHICS! Lotto your a genius!

    • Well you look at Sgt Wilko, god very boring, but I thought we played great attacking footy, Keegan boring yes, Wenger can't see him setting a party alite! But look at Swansea Brendan Rogers they got out of our poor Championship, out passed Arsenal today by 100 passes with pretty much the same team he got promoted with, I think it's down to team ethics how they train, Swansea pressed hard when they did not have the ball all men behind the ball, when they had it they passed and moved SIMPLE REALLY! Go back a couple of months we pressed hard etc, so back to the original question no I don't think they reflect their personality's but the way they like to see football played ALA STOKE!

    • That is an interesting observation, Billy. It leads to the question, ‘do teams reflect the personality of their managers?’ Is Man U like Fergie, Spurs like ‘Arry, Arsenal like Arsene etc? I dunno… Most managers of successful clubs are big personalities. Simon Grayson appears to be a ‘nice guy’ but not many would describe him as a big personality – I may be wrong, as I have not met him.
      One of the problems Simon Grayson faces is that the only personality Ken Bates wants on display at Leeds is, well, Ken Bates! Any manager replacing Grayson would have the same problem. It is a case of organ grinder and monkey. When it comes to man management, not many men will take a monkey seriously – unless they happen to live in Hartlepool!

    • Simon has no man management skill`s at all, boring, slow, no passion, actually the team is playing like his personality, the way we play is a cure for insomnia :(

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