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    Some perspective

    Ben Parker is alleged to have said, before Peter Lorrimer pulled the mic from his hand (something like), “Johnny [Howson] did not want to leave but [during contract negotiations] the club offered him only an extra £500 on his £4000 p/w wage”
    Compared to the average £22,353 weekly wage of a Premiership player, £4,500 is small beer. However, before making a judgement about how tight Leeds is, it is important to note that the average weekly wage for a Championship player is £4,059 – source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2055140/Premier-League-wages-FIVE-times-Championship.html
    You then have to ask, “If Leeds had offered Johnny £20K p/w, how that would have affected other players at the club?”
    For sure, Bates’ odious personality and management policies are a big problem at Leeds but the real problems in football today began with the creation of the Premier League and its stakes.

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    • Five Hundred Pound pay rise? Thats what, 2 + 2 = 6 - 3 = 4 divided by your first number, that gives you a 12.5% Pay rise! Not bad, but I must admit I like Toms answer which is basically to tie the player to a Earning by Doing by Achieving, didn`t they try that with the School Teachers? No matter, most players go by what they see or think others are getting and what they are told or hear from theire Agent, greedy B`s", what they are vworth!

    • Johnny wanted to be up with the like of Becchio, and Bates pulled a fast one, he is trying the same with White typical Bates!

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      • If the going rate is £4,500/week then as much as Bates is odious, you can not blame him for sticking to his policy.
        Neither can you blame JH for wanting 5 times that amount for joining a PL club, which he would never get at the moment from LU.
        It's a catch 22 situation which will be very difficult to break and there is no easy solution.
        At the end of the day LU is a business, and has to be run as such, but none of the above explains the missing millions.