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  • Jez Jez Jan 30, 2012 13:07 Flag

    Close that window......firmly shut!

    So with just under 36 hours till the transfer window slams shut on Graysons fingers, we are looking at the usual excuses about the "ones that got away" or a few last minute loanees added to the squad.
    Or we might be surprised by a few signings that actually cost some money, but then i realised that i really should stop drinking the grog i brought back as its playing silly beggers with my imagination.
    If we remain in this situation come midnight tomorrow with the only signings being Pugh,Townsend, and the American kid then its mid table all the way for us this season.
    Bates as usual came out with the usual spin and claptrap about promotion this season "being a must" but short of a miracle, i do not see this current squad being capable of pushing for a top 6 place and then maintaining the position. And if anything happens to Snoddy, the faint glimmer we might have of doing something will be well and truely gone. Its a real shame because we are in a pretty good position when you consider how bad we have been playing and all the unrest at the club, and a couple of signings might have helped us kick on and cement a place in the top 6.
    If SG does manage the impossible and take us up with this squad, he deserves to be given the freedom of Yorkshire never mind Leeds.

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    • Jez pal, open your eyes. Grayson has frittered away huge amounts of money on signings he didn't know what to do with or were not good enough in the first place.
      These players sign contracts and get huge signing on payments and they leave for huge contract severance payments-the naive amongst you don't realise that.
      Let's not forget third rate loan signings whose salary we partly paid- Players like Livermore and Bannan who were mishandled at LUFC and became liabilities on the pitch, Sam Vokes, Sanchez Watt not once but twice! Where is he now? ..er..er..
      The big failing has been his failure to sort out the defence. I said before the start of the season that Mr Grayson had gone to the limits of his abilities and his coaches- Snodin and Miller were not up to standard. I stand by that. You rubbished it , Jez,matey.

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      • Not sure what this "huge amount of money" that Grayson has fritted away amounts to John, but £2M in 2 seasons is hardly splashing the cash is it?
        No one is questioning some of the poor signings that SG has made, but when you are scraping round the bottom of the barrel once everyone else has taken their pickings, there isnt usually any quality left. I stand by my opinion that SG is a good coach, but when he has to work for a Chairman like KB who wont spend the going rate to bring in players that can improve our squad, then he is always going to struggle to bring in players to cover problem areas such as our leaky defence.
        Add to this the obvious unrest amongst some of the players and you have the ingredients for a very unhappy team, which is being shown by our recent performances on the pitch.
        All is not well down at ER and i do not see us finishing higher than we did last season. If this is the case then i expect SG to be shown the door at the end of the season, if not before.
        I would have loved to have seen SG given some proper money to bring in players that could help us challenge for a top 2 spot, and see just what his management credentials were like, but we will not see that happen now.
        Think you need to look at the bigger picture John and realise that this sitaution is not just down to Graysons apparent lack of coaching and management credentials, but a whole host of issues that are slowly dragging our great club down. Sadly for SG he is the manager who will end up taking the bullet when things get too much for KB.

    • We're all feeling the pain lotto mate. Transfer deadline gone, no vital signings made where they matter. Two experienced centre backs go begging St Ledger and Collins. Andrews available and slipped away. Simon running out of excuses even Eddy Gray complaining.
      Total shambles. Well there's always the Emergency Loan Window.

    • Agreed Andy, that's why Bates and his ilk live where they live. I do believe if and when the miracle happens and we do get promoted Bates will pocket as much as he can, sell out and scarper off to his bolt hole!

    • Bates quotes figures like the Devil quotes scripture. The £9.5m ‘player budget’ is the total of all transfer money, including players’ wages. The 23 per cent overspend, taking it to £11.722m, is misleading. Unlike most clubs, Leeds United’s transfer kitty is included in the wage budget.
      With £9.5m to spend, Simon Grayson can theoretically afford to pay 25 players (an average Championship squad) £7,300 each, which sounds reasonable enough.
      The problem is that unless Simon Grayson gets all his players free, he cannot actually afford to offer them that amount because every time he spends money it comes off the total budget. Spend £2-3m buying the quality additions Leeds United fans are demanding and you’re left with very little to pay them.
      £11.722m sounds like a lot of money but, apart from not being a true figure of what Leeds actually spends on players, it is relatively small beer when compared with what other clubs spend. The benchmark for player wages is 70% of turnover and, currently, Leeds is using a fraction of this.
      Quite simply, Bates uses figures to bamboozle Leeds fans, deflect criticism, and continue to rip-off the club.

    • Agreed Jez, amazing how Larry's budget overspent by 2 million and hey presto Howson leaves for the undisclosed 2 million! I could of gone tonight spare season ticket but like you I have lost that desire and am saving my petrol and £2 for a hot choccy money for another day, £31 tonight Southstand is just horrendous for a team full of loanies, A BIG BATES OUT can he bleed our club any more? Sick of the same old excuses time has ran out for me Bates has destroyed me as a fan, even in the dark days of the eighties I loved going 14,000 crowds a great atmosphere now it's a chore! sorry for speaking my mind but that's how I feel, I STILL LOVE LEEDS and as the song goes UP's and DOWN's I will stay with you forever I just won't fill Bates pocket unless he invests like we have, we've kept our part of the bargain!

    • Alas good news on the horizon!! Andy O'Brien has resumed training with the squad after the club finished its internal investigation into the carry on when he wouldnt play against Burnley, and they have decided to give him another chance after learning the full extent of his personal problems and the on set of depression that followed.
      No doubt he will be classed as a "new signing" by KB to try and mug off us "morons"!
      So as it stands now we have:

      Smith (Spurs) Loan
      Townsend (Spurs) Loan
      Delph (Villa) Loan
      Pugh (already here) £500k
      Rodgers (Free transfer)

      My havent we pushed the boat out this January! All the talk about 2-3 signings in the pipeline is just the usual bull$hit to keep us occupied for a few weeks, while all around us spend proper money adding quality to their squads for the push towards the finish line in May.
      I really can not understand how any Leeds fan with half a brain cell can still support KB. Ive supported Leeds for over 30 years and i can not ever remember feeling as low and fed up as i do right now. Even when we had the points deductions there was still fight amongst the players and the fans because of the injustice we all felt, but this is too much. Slowly we are having the life sucked out of our great club by this parasite and we cant do much about it.
      Sad sad times, but to cheer myself up im going to get into tonights game for free using cunning and sleight of hand. It will fill me with much cheer to get one over on that specimen. I will let you know how i get on tomorrow.

    • Sod the window Jez ! How about the coffin lid..firmly shut on ?
      promotion of course! Wouldn't wish that on anyone. .

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      • For those who don't know to the tune of we all live in a yellow submarine!
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    • I have already voted to give KB the freedom of the Outback, Sorry Peter but Australia was the only place that came to mind when I thought of where to send him! Did think of South America, but that would have them all coming over here!