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  • Tilton Tilton Feb 9, 2012 22:20 Flag

    Leeds v Brum

    The Birmingham team is a patchwork team Andy, a few free transfers from the likes of Cardiff, and Burnley, mixed in with a couple of season loanees and the players no one else wanted when we went down, ....but I think the difference is the manager, Chris Hughton. So refershing after last seasons 1 up front all season home and away, and the constant excuses from Alex Mcleish, which ultimately led to our demotion. One good thing came out of it though...Mcleish resigned and went to Villa...and he is doing exactly the same to them...6 wins in 24 games tells its own story...albeit in the Premiership, but never the less, the players he has at his disposal, villa should do better than that. !

    Cant say I was surprised that Grayson got sacked....Bates wont tolerate that sort of result at home, ontop of your earlier reversals, but who to suggest for manager is a tough one. Strachan maybe ? don't really know.....Birmingham are proving that a good manager is essential...just hope Leeds don't fancy Hughton !



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    • Leeds(Bates) will only go for the cost effective solutiopn, which means Nil Cost and lost of effectives!

    • Thanks, Nige. We agree about managers. Actually, Nick Hughton would be one of my first choices, along with Martin O’Neal, for Leeds but, with Bates in charge, we have to be realistic.
      Our club is taking a punt on caretaker manager, Neil Redfearn. He seems to have the confidence of the players, an important factor for any manager (clearly, Grayson had lost it), but using a tyro manager at a make or break point in the season is a big gamble.
      However, Don Revie and David O’Leary were tyros when Leeds appointed them. Nigel Adkins at Southampton, in a similar position to Redfearn at Leeds, has more than proved his worth.
      If Redfearn and the lads produce a convincing performance against Brighton tomorrow, Leeds yet stands a chance of limping into the Play-offs. If not, the anger Leeds fans already feel about Bates’ perceived malfeasance will hit a tipping point and Hell will break loose.
      Were football just a game we would all be sporting winners or losers. Unfortunately, when funny-money-men get involved fair play and sporting chance exit and profit motives walk through the door.