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    So Bates has sacked SG afer last nights performance,no surprises there.Who is going to be our next manager because one thing Bates will not pay top dollar to get a decent manager.Most likely bring his mate Wisey back i hope not

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    • The whole scenerio would make a nice Film! Probably a "Horror" Film! Nice one Bates you Bar Steward!

    • Nicely timed as well just after the transfer window who would of thought eh? The thing about Warnock is we probably make a good match, Leeds not well liked by other fans (though we have dropped to 7th most hated club I think) and Warnock pretty much despised by most fans and Bates well we all love him!

    • Lotto, I know what you mean. Solksjaer was just my tip for a great future manager. Before sacking Grayson, Bates will have had a new manager in mind and I do not think he has the imagination, or incentive, to go for anyone like Solksjaer. In December, reports said that Bates and Warnock were seen dining at Qulton Hall.
      Simon Grayson’s position as manager was uncertain last season. This term, he has been skating on thin ice and only lucky results prevented him from getting an earlier dumping. It is unlikely that the club did not have a contingency plan in place for his sacking. For sure, Bates will know who his new manager is. I suspect it will be Warnock, for the simple reason that fans can then hate the manager instead of the owner!

    • Put me in my place lol, not quite what I was meaning though :)

    • Solksjaer was the reserve team manager at Man U. In 2010 he became the manager of his former, home-town club Molde FK and took it to its first ever league trophy in 2011.

    • Whatever happens it`s been a great game plan by Bates,wait till the end of the transfer window sell our captain buy no one then sack the manager.No promotion this year and if we dont appoint a new proven manager soon(not an ffffing chance of that happening) we could well be looking at relegation

    • Yep!!!!!

    • Since when Bryan has Bates ever worried about keeping the Fans Happy?

    • This is going to be a big problem as far as I can see.
      All the managers available are not, IMO, suitable to our club for one reason or another. Therefore, Bates will have to think out of the box this time and come up with a clever solution to keep the fans happy.
      Redfearn would be the easy option, but his track record is not good and who would he bring into the backroom staff, which is so important and probably one of the reasons for Larry's demise.
      I believe Clark will refuse the job today as he has a chairman at Huddersfield who is ploughing millions in to support his club and that will never happen with Bates.
      Solksjaer would actually tick all the right boxes (apart from the fact he is MU) as far as a good up and coming manager is concerned, and would certainly have my backing, but if he were ever to be offered the MU job in the future he would leave in a flash. That said he is probably the best of the bunch and a few years at ER would certainly not do his CV any harm.
      It's going to be an interesting week next week.

    • Al, you surprise me. I had expected you to comment about Lee Clark!

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