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  • Mr Morgan Mr Morgan Feb 1, 2012 18:43 Flag


    Bates has been waiting to pounce for some time ever since Warnock left Loftus road.Sadly Grayson has been on a hiding to nothing,you boys no more about him than anyone else,but maybe it's time for a change and Warnock does have a good record in the championship.Onwards and upwards marching on together.

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    • I thought when I read that AOB was available for selection again that it may spell the end of Larry, and it appears I was right.

      I just can't see Warnock working with Bates though. Strachan, no, he may be a club legend but he does not have a track record of success.

      Something a bit left field, what about Chris Powell? Ol' Big 'Ead?