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  • Andrew Andrew Feb 8, 2012 20:19 Flag

    So where do we go from here ?

    Bates will continue to do whatever he can get away with, and he has been doing that for donkey’s years.
    The worst news today, for Leeds fans, was Harry Redknapp not guilty of tax evasion. The jury bought Redknapp’s excuse that he lied, in order to get a journalist off his back, and his poor little illiterate ‘Arry who’s never-done-nothing-wrong-ever act. Yeah, and icebergs float on top of water! IMO, anyone with an offshore account is guilty of avoiding tax.
    After wasting £8m on trying to prosecute Redknapp, the police and HMR&C are unlikely to have the stomach to investigate Bates, let alone bring a prosecution against him.
    Increasingly, it seems the rich and powerful play a game of ‘heads they win and tails the rest of us lose’!
    Whether Redfearn wins, loses, or draws his next three games is irrelevant. Come March, it will be too late to appoint another manager. Bates wins and we, most probably, lose again – as we have for the last seven years under Bates!