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  • Tom Tom Feb 3, 2012 16:27 Flag

    So where do we go from here ?

    There has been much discussion and speculation on who should replace Simon .Who would you recommend for manager and why?
    Simon by popular consensus had gone as far as he could under very trying circumstances and had in marathon terms “hit the brick wall” The players in his opinion were incapable of transferring training ground tactics onto the pitch which suggest that all was not well within the dressing room. So like it or not something had to be done to restore confidence and drive within the club. Bates of course with his immaculate timing called a holt and dispensed with Simon and cohorts just after the “window closed” I have to say whilst not a fan of Bates I have to agree that something had to be done to change management to raise our profile on and off the pitch. So who now will be invited to supp with Bates from “the poison chalice” Its really a case of “who dares wins”. When I look at the list of possible candidates Warnock’s in my opinion is the man to take us up. Leeds have lacked a manager of late who is capable of operating under “siege mentality” conditions. He is not afraid of wearing his heart on his sleeve and defending the cause in public and certainly understands what is wanted and how to deliver it having been there and done it for years in South Yorkshire.
    Like “marmite” you either like it or loath it. With Warnock “what you see is what you get” with no hidden agendas. Can he cope with Bates ? As the saying goes “yes he can” If Bates offers him the job and Warnock accepts it you can be sure the sparks will fly if Bates reneges on promises. Could be entering into a very interesting era for all concerned with or without. My money is on Warnock not because I particularly like him as person but I think we need his strength of character.

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    • I was there too Easy, so maybe your not the only jinx. That game was the greatest travesty of justice ever!
      that was the last time I had a bet on a match even though I had had a good run from England's world cup victory in '66.
      C'est la vie as Monsieur Eenger would say.

    • Not as sad as I was Tom, was in Iserlohn, Sauerland at the time, for the first time in my life I was so confident I placed DM50 on Leeds to win. Was in the Sqn Club and after the game I literally crawled out without opening the door! Never placed another bet on a football game since and I am still feeling very superstious about even watching a game on Telly! So much so that on the 28th May 1975 when Leeds were due to play Bayern I decided to have a Bath after Work (Still in Iserlohn), couldn`t turn the water off, had to call out a plumber and managed to miss the whole of the game which we lost 2 - 0 after dominatingf the match for most of the time apparently! Maybe I am a Hoodoo?

    • Wound the video back time and time again H, put on pause hoping that someone would slot one passed Monty...not to be, sad sad sad!!

    • Yeah, I know, Bryan, but Tom and me could meet Martin after the final and compile a dossier of tips and advice for Bates if he's still intact and take Leeds forward, back where they should be.

    • I was there and it scarred me for life!
      Still have nightmares of Porterfield dancing around.

    • Shades of 1973, what are you thinking of Alan?

    • Sunderland and Wembley ... The stuff of nightmares H. I'll definitely pass on that one mate.

    • With you on this one all the way Andy. Its amazing what money can buy you, in this case a verdict of reasonable doubt! I think that Harry lost a lot of respect with his whining "Uriah Heap" act to portray himself as you say "a poor illiterate" I bet he had all his marbles at home wheeling and dealing his own contracts and those of his dog. I do believe that the FA will now be quaking in the light of the vast majority of the soccer pundits pushing his name forward for the next England manager.
      To finish on a lighter note..Breaking news Bates has informed Capello not to apply for the vacant post at ER.

    • Hey, Tom. I've got the feelers out for couple of tickets for the cup final at Wembley. Shall me and you sit amongst the Black Cats lot or would it be too noisy.

    • Bates will continue to do whatever he can get away with, and he has been doing that for donkey’s years.
      The worst news today, for Leeds fans, was Harry Redknapp not guilty of tax evasion. The jury bought Redknapp’s excuse that he lied, in order to get a journalist off his back, and his poor little illiterate ‘Arry who’s never-done-nothing-wrong-ever act. Yeah, and icebergs float on top of water! IMO, anyone with an offshore account is guilty of avoiding tax.
      After wasting £8m on trying to prosecute Redknapp, the police and HMR&C are unlikely to have the stomach to investigate Bates, let alone bring a prosecution against him.
      Increasingly, it seems the rich and powerful play a game of ‘heads they win and tails the rest of us lose’!
      Whether Redfearn wins, loses, or draws his next three games is irrelevant. Come March, it will be too late to appoint another manager. Bates wins and we, most probably, lose again – as we have for the last seven years under Bates!

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