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  • Lottolee Lottolee Feb 4, 2012 17:56 Flag

    Gray/Lorimer Sold their souls?

    Listen I love them to bit's but every week whether it's Propaganda FM, or quotes from Lorimer, they just keep defending Bates. Callers are finally giving Eddie some stick, the Irish ringing up as well surely they must know how bad they sound? I'd love your thoughts as far as I can see most fans feel the same way?

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    • Bein Pferdetotto naturlich wo sonst?

    • I would not put Gray and Lorimer in the same category. Lorimer is a sad case. Apparently, alcoholism and bankruptcy turned this once great footballer into a charity case, happy to sell his name for the next drink. It is highly unlikely that he writes his own material or that the views expressed are his.
      Gray is different. He is a not-bad commentator and football pundit who earns a living through his connection to Leeds United. Whatever he may think about Leeds, he is not in a position to be negative about Bates’ regime. Instead, he focuses on the football played, his area of expertise, and who can blame him? When confronted by questions about Bates, his usual reply is, “that is your opinion and other supporters have an opposite opinion” – which is no less than the truth but says nothing! If you or I were in Eddie Gray’s position, would we say anything more, despite what we feel?