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    Mike Bassett, Leeds Manager

    Just for fun: if Neil Warnock is appointed, here is an example of what Leeds players can expect as a half time team talk. Check out ‘A Warnock bollocking’ on YouTube. Than compare it to Mike Bassett half time team talk‘, also on YouTube… I tried to post the URLs but Yahoo would not allow it. If this message is accepted by Yahoo, I will try to post the links separately.

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    • We can only wish mate, how long have we been crying out for a solid centre half? The last one who I thought was powerful in the air and good on the floor was Sodje pity about his injury's but that's what we need. ps I had a 50 pence piece head!

    • Haha, a mate of mine was watching his son play in a game at which Norman Hunter’s grandson was on the opposing team. My mate’s son, burly and more used to rugby than football, knocked young Hunter off the pitch. My mate was sitting next to Norman Hunter and expected him to protest. Instead, Hunter just said, “Good tackle!”
      I wish Leeds had a Norman Hunter type player in the team when dealing with Birmingham’s Vigic!

    • Alf Ramsey once told Norman Hunter to take an Italian player out of the game. Norman said (What do you mean---permanently)

    • Ha ha, I won the Stockton kick for a million, there's me actually thinking I won the chance to kick for a million pound, when it was just regional, then got expenses paid to Manchester and you had to do a day of skills ie a 30ft long line and you had to keep the ball up without dropping it and go from cone to cone as many times in a minute, the issue was it was handicapped so a kid could dribble the ball from cone to cone, that's how it was a con I never had a chance of winning every event was buddy handicapped! Anyhow the lad won ten grand on the day but blew his kick for a million. But guess what I won....... YEP A BAG OF ASDA GOODIES!!!!!!!

    • Yeah that Beckham kid got all over the place Lotto. Just your luck eh!

    • Lol na I'm not that famous ha ha (a poor mans Batty), though my god father was George Mulholland who played for Stoke City, Bradford and Darlington, he is on Wiki died of Cancer a few years back, I don't know if he still holds the record but he played for 5 years running without missing a game for Bradford City, the only thing I have going for me is my footy coaching badge I did at Hartlepool Al knows the coach who was my boss, oh not forgetting I got to the finals of kick for a million for Asda and got beat by a 12 year old! Buddy con that was :(

    • Lotto, respect, man! Do you have a Wikipedia page? No probs if you don't want to give it as we are all advised to keep our anonymity on these boards.

    • Yeah mate way past 6 years, I used to be able to run for the full match fit as a fiddle, then out of the blue I got Glandular Fever remember the health people ringing me and asking where I had been eating, took a full year before I trained again then I took a step down to the lower leagues to build myself up, horrible thing to have I remember doing a sprint down the wing and being shattered game over for me. I remember the same manager telling another player in no uncertain words to take out the opposition player because he was beating him all the time! M.O.T

    • Lotto, in business (public or private sector), if any manager abused staff in that manner it would result in legal action. As told often, football is a business. You may well be able to claim against the club you were at for that manager’s actions. Getting Glandular Fever is not ‘lucky’! Glandular Fever is one of those non-specific illnesses that are often the result of stress. If this happened to you within the last six years, you have a good case… Jeeze, I sound like one of those compensation lawyers!
      My point is that while business management has moved on, football management is stuck in the past.

    • I once played under a certain ex Boro forward, I won't mention his name but every other word was F**k no coaching methods just shouting and spouting a load of crap, I lost a lot of respect for him for the sh**e he came out with absolutely clueless at management and coaching! Lucky for me I got Glandular Fever never recovered from what I was capeable of and packed in playing at 27!

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