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  • Lottolee Lottolee Feb 14, 2012 15:47 Flag

    Coventry v Leeds

    Come on then, yes I'm terrible at predictions but will it be a Sky blue day for the Mighty Whites or a grey day?
    Coventry 1 Leeds 4 M.O.T

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    • I think Joe Jordan would be superb, but I also understand that his involvement at Spurs could be changed dramatically if Arry takes on a Club & Country role... Plus excessive compensation..

    • Well, I'll have a stab at this one---I reckon Bates will go for Strachan, he'll suit his plans.

    • Joe Jordan could be a serious contender IMO, but can you see him leaving Spurs at the moment?
      Lucas would have been a great motivator, but you couldn't honestly see him as a manager at the moment, as the majority of fans seem to think in that poll.
      Bates with all his secrecy is keeping us guessing and all the time we will just go from bad to worse.
      The new man needs to be in place Monday morning or we could be facing a relegation fight in a few weeks time.

    • I'm not sure about Joe Jordan, or Lucas or Phil Brown really, It's a hard task for anyone when your squad has been decimated by sales and hints of less money to spend next season, so that means more freebies! Though I think this is all effecting us mentally I feel scarred for life already now what's the Samaritans number again? "YEAH I'M RINGING ABOUT LEEDS AND KEN BATES!" "HELLO" "HELLO" "HELLO" DIALLING TONE GOES DEAD!

    • Bryan I recall the present regime turned Lucas down on an offer to help out a couple of seasons back. I don't think he has his coaching badges but that wont have been the underlying reason for not accepting his offer.
      On the current managerial shambles of who and why one name that has not cropped up to my knowledge is that of a long time favourite of mine and many Joseph (Joe) Jordan. Arrys R's right hand man and mentor. IMO the real brains and one of the reason for Spurs revival under HR. He has a history in management in our leagues and across the border and is well respected as a coach by all at the top who matter. The man has presence and a lot of dignity and would not stand for any nonsense from any one. Ask Gennaro Gattuso

    • I'm beginning to wonder if some LU supporters are as barmy as Bates.
      In the YEP poll as to who the fans would like to see as manager top of the poll is Lucas Radebe!!
      Mad or what!

    • I still rate Strachan mate, yes he has had faults at other clubs but he knows the structure and passion required but he would never come on Bates terms, oh have you seen it's a Cat A game for Doncaster and they are boycotting it because of the Premiership prices we all have to pay!

    • Now I'm not being disrespectful here but the mood overshadowing the club at the minute could well shy the right guys for the job away. It would need a genuine rethink or reshuffle of finances to bring an ambition motivated manager in. You certainly don't want a drift along salary grabber for a year or 2 (or does Bates)
      Great club, coiled spring going rusty. As I've said before, it would be McCarthy for me. It's not his fault he gets teams up there and then the board doesn't react to stay there.

    • I am depressed and at a loss as to who would be best to bring in as manager, and quite frankly there is only dross left on the shelf, apart from maybe Curbishley, and the chances of him coming are virtually nil.
      I have always been in favour of the Liverpool tradition of promoting from within as you then get the passion needed to create a great team, but it didn't work for Larry (due to his many faults) and we have no one of calibre to pass the mantle on to.
      I think I saw a comment from Poyet somewhere that meant he could be approached and if that is the case he would be my best bet, but otherwise I am at a total loss!

    • Bates will do what Bates wants to do,like he said in a recent interview it`s water off a ducks back so F^^^ the lot of you i dont care

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