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  • Lottolee Lottolee Feb 17, 2012 16:18 Flag

    Leeds v Donny

    Well I'm terrible at predictions when it comes to Leeds, so for this one I'm going for the longshot of Leeds 1 - Doncaster 2 you can get 5/1 for a Donny win! Hope I'm wrong as I normally am M.O.T Cat A match Attendance 20,189

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    • The interview was probably just over a week ago. Interestingly nothing to do with football but his hair is almost shoulder length, unusual for him. He seemed very relaxed and content with his choice of club I think he will be a great asset to both club and manager. It is annoying that I cant be more precise Peter as I was watching and reading at the same time and had not specifically set out to watch the programme.I think the focus was on MK Dons as a progressive club rather than Smithy.

    • That interview sounds very interesting, do you know how old it is and if it can be found online?

    • I think that he will fit in well down there if he can keep free of injuries.
      That was an interesting interview on I think it was Football Focus Smudge reckoned that no approach was made to him from the club or SG with a view to returning to ER. He added that he had approached Batts about how it felt when he returned. Batts told him that it was never the same as it was hard to create what they originally had etc. I am old enough to remember Big Johns return from Italy that too fell a bit flat.

    • Would be nice mate, I'd be happy if Brown returned to Premiership form, wonder how Smith is doing at the Don's? He was all ready to join Warnock at QPR.

    • What's the betting Lotto that Sean Derry arrives through the emergency loan window to give us the stability and leadership we need in midfield.:-)
      I hope that Warnock can enthuse a couple of his old boys Brown and Bromby to raise their game or is that asking too much?.

    • Lets hope he has seen some premiership defenders not getting their game, he also likes a defensive midfielder we have been sadly missing for years now! M.O.T Liked the bit about Becchio saying he will win more headers from now until the end of the season!

    • I hope all our fans give him a chance, because with his passion and our`s, the sky`s the limit !! , at least the times of the clueless manager on the sidelines doing nothing to change our team or formation when things are going bad are over , Warnock will do everything in his power to win !! it`s just his nature, I think some of his future interviews after games etc will be fun !! because the transfer window is shutt he may still be able to use the loan market to the end of the season if he see`s someone he wants, but with some organisation and playing people in their true positions !! will bring the best out of our players !! I`m not expecting everything at once but he will give it a good go !! at least we will be going up and not down from now till the end of the season.Let`s all get behind him and get the atmosphere back at Elland Road and make it a frightening place for teams to travel to.

    • Well he did have the Warnock effect and now that he has seen them play I hope he has some ideas on how to tighten our creaky defense.
      I am sure he will have and I am prepared to let bygone be bygones and give him a chance to prove himself.
      If the guy does have charisma it will show before the end of the season.
      It was interesting to see he turned down Huddersfield who offered more money than Bates so that for me is a very big plus in his favour.
      Hopefully we may now make the play offs if he can get them confident again

    • Donny well and truly Warnocked Bill. Master stroke with his visits to dressing room before and at half time. Good ending for Neil and a good start for Neil. Bring it on, the silk purse scenario begins I hope
      MOT without the pigs ear!! Hoink, Hoink,

    • Leeds and Warnock are a great match !! our mental support in all adversity and Warnocks motivation and arrogance !! lovely !! this next 18 months will be a fun journey !! bring it on !! let show him what real yorkshire support sounds like !!

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