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  • Old Rope. Old Rope. Feb 21, 2012 16:12 Flag

    Dear Dirty Leeds

    I remember that team of Revie's very well,hard, skilled,guile, just a few words that would describe a great, great team. One for all, and all for one.A mans team,no fairys no shirkers,sometimes the foot was left in, but in those days you had to,you had to stand your ground and not be dictated to.There would be very few in those days who didn't wish that team and era was theirs.

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    • Those were the days when it was still a "man's" game no gloves, no tights, or snoods, hard men who gave, or as for quarter. The Frank Worthingtons , Nobby Stiles (scythe down anything above grass height) Tommy Smith, Chopper Harris , DaveMcKay , Big Jack , Billy B, Norman Hunter. Sure these men could dish it out, but they accepted what was given to them. As Big Jack once said " I have my little black book" he never forgot to retaliate. But was the game worse for these actions? I like to think no, in fact I think today's games while they are faster, the majority are not as exciting as the games in the 60's .
      I just wonder what some of those players could do with the modern balls , and boots etc.