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  • Andrew Andrew Feb 21, 2012 01:31 Flag

    Dear Dirty Leeds

    Any objective football supporter who saw (or has seen footage of) Leeds United in the1960s-70s, demolishing teams like Man united, Southampton, and Burnley, will acknowledge it was the best team of that era.
    How Leeds United got the moniker “Dirty Leeds” is less about the way in which the team played (in those days, every team played a hard game in hard conditions) and more about the threat an unpopular yet unbeatable interloper posed to the football establishment. Leeds was simply too good, therefore, the largely London based press assumed it must be winning by using dirty tricks.
    [For sure, Leeds had Hunter and Bremner to do the rough work, but Gray, Lorimer, Clarke, Giles et al were sublime. The team was eerily good and probably the best England has seen in half a century.]
    Anyway, Leeds did not care. It was winning and if the ‘hard as nails’ image it was given scared opponents so much the better. The problems came when match officials began to believe the hype, culminating in the debacle in Paris against Bayer Munich.
    Ever since, like it or lump it, we are stuck with the “Dirty Leeds” tag. It is unfair – can you imagine the litigation that would follow if a journalist described Man U as dirty – yet as a Leeds fan, I embrace the derision. Leeds is never stronger than when it has a siege mentality. At its best, Leeds is the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae defeating the Persian hordes.
    With Neil Warnock, the most ornery manager, and Ken Bates the most obnoxious personality in football heading our club, I can see Leeds returning to its rightful and much missed place as the villain in top-flight football.

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    • Well Dunster, it was certainly better than the so called Klitcheko/Haye Punch up of last year!

    • Our kind Andy, OUR kind!

    • Woheee! Andy my Boy, I just Loved your post, and if I could I would give it a SIX, but five it bwill have to be! The Paris debacle I missed due to a overflowing Bath Tub, but from the reports of people who watched the game I felt more than just a little aggreived!

    • Dunster, thanks for your understanding. Sometimes it feels like being Leeds is Neanderthal but what happened to Man City will always give us hope.

    • I refuse to answer that Andy on the grounds that it might incriminate you! :-)

    • An intelligent, well read one by the sound of it. Now give over as all us non Leeds fans know you are all knuckle dragging Neanderthals really. Or so we are lead to believe. Tongue firmly in cheek by the way.
      As an outsider I enjoy visiting this forum. I always wondered where the dirty Leeds first originated from. It's certainly stuck but as you say it gives you a siege mentality. On the subject of yesteryears I watched the Norman Hunter, Franny Lee punch up on youtube the other day. Great entertainment haha. I follow Franny Lee on twitter and he said he actually gets on well with Norman these days.

    • I reckon Big John would burst a ball a shot and split his boots at the same time Bill. A gentle giant yet no defender got the better of him, they used to bounce off!! Almost as good at centre half, I wonder what he would fetch on the transfer market today!

    • Andy, you late night reminisces ring very true!
      If you ever get a chance to see any of the matches played in that era you will see how the beautiful game should be played. A year or two back, Sky were showing some of the old cup finals and I caught the Leeds v Arsenal one which reminded me of the football that was played in those days by dirty Leeds.Think of Barcelona at their very best today and the Leeds team of that era would in my opinion have smashed them out of sight. I know the game is different in today's era, but they were simply magnificent.
      The dirty Leeds tag was indeed instigated by southern journalists, who tended to forget about the hard men in other teams (Tommy Smith of Liverpool in particular), but that was how the game was played in those days.
      I would be happy to be still being called Dirty Leeds, being the most hated team in the FL, as long as we are the top of the pile.
      I must admit I was not infatuated by Colin's appointment, but he has shown some excellent qualities so far, and deserves his chance.

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      • Add a few more to the rogues gallery Bryan, Chopper Harris (Chelsea) Dave McKay (Spurs) Kenny Burns (Nottingham F). Big Jack could dish it out too. I think we got the tag of "dirty Leeds" because each looked after each other especially on the field of play the "all for one and one for all attitude" certainly prevailed, the ultimate in team spirit.Happy days Bryan. I do believe that NW will win the fans over as the guy eats sleeps and drinks football is so full of enthusiasm and doesn't suffer fools gladly. We just could be on the verge of something really good. It is such a shame that there are only 14 games left however it may just work in our favour for as NW says we cannot afford to miss out on any points available in each game we play from now on.