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  • Jez Jez Feb 21, 2012 12:58 Flag

    Crafty old sod!

    There is a planned demonstration against KB when we play Southampton at home next weekend, with supporters being asked to stay away from the game so that the media and the rest of the country can see all the empty seats during the sky broadcast and thus bring up the issue of why so many are staying away. This has been in the pipeline for a good few weeks now and it wont have gone unnoticed by you know who.
    So i cant help thinking that he has planned the introduction of NW to disrupt the demo as lots of fans will be eager to attend the first home game of the Warnock era, especially if we get off to a flyer against Pompey on saturday.
    Call him what you want, but KB is a crafty old get, who is usually 3 steps in front of his opponents and by having Redfearn in charge for the 4 games when he could have brought NW in straight away, has enabled him to generate a feel good factor just when the protests were starting to gather momentum.
    Warnock has even come out and said we should all put our differences to one side for the last 14 games and im sure there will be lots of fans who will follow his advice and start attending matches again and get behind the team.
    Im still undecided as i said i wouldnt go back and pay my money until i saw some investment in the team, but if NW can bring in some quality players and start moving us in the right direction then i might just change my mind. I love my club and i hate being away from the fans, but principles are just that and are not something to go back on, unless the situation changes or improves.
    I hope that the planned demo goes ahead and they manage to get the message across loud and clear, but im also hoping that im back at ER before the end of this season cheering the lads on.
    Oh to be a Leeds fan!!!

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    • It was a petition to the house of commons to have an investigation M.O.T

    • I have written to Fabien Hamilton, the MP for Leeds North who has an axe to grind where KB is concerned.
      If there is the slightest chance that he can get one over on Bates, or even better bring him down then this is the man to do it. There is no love lost between these 2 after their public spats over the past few years, so if you want to write to anyone, he is your man.

    • Petitions peschmissions! Write to your MP. Tell him or her about your concerns relating to Bates’ stewardship of Leeds.
      Without feeling they have popular support, MPs will do nothing.
      Nothing, despite parliamentary ‘investigations’ into the running of football for two decades, is the sum of changes made to the regulation of our most popular national sport.
      The vested interests, that have come to run football as businesses instead of a sport, lobby against change, even amending rules (like FA Rule 38) to make it easier for them to make money out of the game.
      Unless MPs bring pressure to bear on the governorships of football, which are private companies with no obligation to meet public needs, profiteering and asset stripping owners like Ken Bates will be allowed free reign…
      Haha, I have written to my MP about Leeds and he has promised to do his best… but I have just learnt that he was the one another MP nutted in a House of Commons brawl!
      Strange: I did not like Neil Warnock but I do now!

    • Signed a petition ages ago for them to have an investigation I'll see if I can find the link ;)

      Getting to like Warnock already he is currently at a Leeds on the Road and someone just asked if he likes Leeds fans calling him Colin.
      He said he loves it,most other fans call me a Wan*er. M.O.T

    • Lotto, I do not dispute that the protests are having an effect but, where Bates is concerned, a man who thrives on confrontation, they are more likely to make him dig in than relent.
      Face it, Bates has Leeds by ‘the short and curlies’; if so minded, he could ruin the club out of spite.
      All Bates has to fear is a thorough investigation into his opaque dealings.
      Pressure from the government on football’s authorities to enforce ‘fit and proper’ owner regulations, involving full disclosure of ‘hidden’ investors, is the main thing that will force Bates to change his policies – this threat, probably, was the reason he ‘bought’ the club for an undisclosed sum from its owners whom, previously, he claimed not to know.
      Have you contacted you MP about Bates’ stewardship of Leeds United?

    • I'm not surprised it's called off due to only having a small amount of games left but looking at the ticket sales most are voting with their feet though it is on telly, anyhow M.O.T hopefully a win,as Billy said let's get behind the team, BATES OUT ;)

    • good post !! everyone is entitled to get what they pay for !! especially the fan`s !! money is hard earned !! we are not asking for the earth !! just a fair re-investment in the squad !! I hope Neil Warnock is treated fairly by Mr Bates , as he can deliver us back to the big time !! built on hard graft and team work !! let`s get behind te team and the new manager and make some noise and make the 95 or 99 min home games especially noisey for our team !! none stop !!

    • Peter the only one to sign a contract recently was Luciano, that is why players leave Bates aint daft offering crap contracts so he can then sell them on, it's not because of fans it's lack of investment, look at all the players who have left whilst we were averaging more fans in the first division than half of the teams in the premiership. The contracts Bates offers are poor and he knows it! If the guy wants fans to return he has to invest it's plain and as simple as that, I attend when I can afford it I'm not a season ticket holder but was for about 20 years, in a recession it is harder for fans and Bates also needs to realise this. There was recently an incentive by all but 2 of the championships clubs 2 people to watch a match for a tenner, emmmm Leeds and Westham the only 2 NOT to take this up. I never understand why an owner would want empty stands did you notice the new boxes all empty, the only way they will get filled is with a winning team. I'm not having a dig Peter but as the song goes "WEVE ALL HAD ENOUGH WERE LEEDS UNITED WEVE ALL HAD ENOUGH" We stuck to our end of the bargain paying Premiership Prices so in return we want investment, we are not talking about 10 million as Bates keeps spouting off about Leicester and Forest and Boro and Southampton and Westham, 3 - 4 would be acceptable. And can anyone tell me how it makes financial sense to keep paying rent for Thorpe Arch whilst investing millions in one stand? Referring back to the atmosphere it is the atmosphere around the club from Bates to the ridiculous stewarding that he has enforced to the most expensive programme to buy £4! and the 5th highest season tickets to buy counting the Premiership. Andrew your wrong the protests are having effect and they will disappear but only when the investment comes. The protests will hopefully be before and after the game not during so we can support the team. M.O.T

    • I support shoddily-run teams in AFL (thankfully on the mend) and a brand new team in Super 15 with very few genuine supporters and no atmosphere... I will go to the games as often as I can possibly afford.. I stand by my comments, how are we going to keep the likes of Snoddy if he feels the club have completely lost the fans? He will put in a transfer request before Bates has the chance to sell him..

    • Peter, Bates runs Leeds as a business with the interests of his shareholders at heart (himself and unknown mates) whilst ignoring the interests of its stakeholders – principally, the club’s supporters.
      All any Leeds fan want is turn up and see the club doing well, but faced with the negative impacts that a profiteering, asset-stripping owner produces, what are fans to do?
      Despite critical scrutiny from government, supporters’ organisations, academic institutions, and the media, the Football Association (FA), and other supposedly controlling bodies (all Bates mates) sit on their hands when it comes to making significant changes to the way in which football is controlled.
      Protests against Bates at Elland Road will come to nowt. The real protest should be against the FA and its reluctance to apply ‘fit and proper owner’ standards. If Ken Bates’ tax-dodging, offshore ownership of Leeds United was investigated thoroughly, the “crafty old sod” would go to jail and Leeds return to being a top six Premiership club.

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