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  • Lottolee Lottolee Feb 24, 2012 15:41 Flag

    Pompey v Warnocks Leeds

    Well I'm going for a 0 - 3 win for Leeds Becchio/Lees/Snoddy! On the March again!

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    • Andy had Becchio put his chance away and Ross Macs goal stood and they scored from their penalty claim then 2-1 to us would have been the result.Swings and roundabouts. Old Warlock tried something different with Snoddy in the hole and it was sussed by Mullins who did a good job on him.. Unfortunately he failed to engineer any space for himself. Snoddy must learn to ring the changes when things don't go to plan. I always thought that this was going to be a real toughie as it proved. Pompey are fighting for their existence and are no ones "rubbing rags"! A point at Pompey at any other time of the season would have been more than acceptable. I personally think that our game next week will be easier for us as Southampton will not come for a point. If old Warlock sets his stall out in midfield we can hit them on the break round the back. Davis is suspect on crosses swinging out and away from him! It should be a "cracker" and we need to get satisfaction from the opening match disaster at St Mary's.

    • Don't underestimate this lot lads they will be like bears with sore heads. All have accepted a pay cut to help out and some players were reported to be selling tickets to the public to ease the finances. Pompey ain't going to roll over. Remember our stance to having 15 points deducted, siege mentality and a "Sh.t or bust" attitude prevailed. I would love to be wrong, lets hope the Warnock Factor will be well and truly instilled in our lot.I think we are going to need it. One good thing though in our favour that Bu..er Kitson won't be playing, suspended. So our defence should be relieved at that. Forecast Leeds to win 0-1. Michael Brown free kick in injury time hits Billy Paynter on his arse and flies in. For we are Leeds.

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      • Now Tom, the last LU player I remember scoring with his arse was Harold Williams who used to make a habit of it.
        I was only a boy at the time watching from the now extinct boys enclosure, but I remember being so impressed I tried it very unsuccessfully for myself whilst playing for the school and quickly came to the conclusion that he had a bigger one than mine.
        I don't really care if we do score that way as long as the football is good and we win.
        The Sunday papers are always miserable when we lose.

      • I'm always wary of sounding a little sycophantic when talking to you lot but I hope the run in goes well for you. If my beloved blues win the league and you lot get yourselves back where you should be I'll be a happy man. Warnocks saying all the right things and you never know. The play offs aren't an impossibillity and you are due a bit of luck in them.

    • I do like White he has pace but not quite the finished product yet, I just think he will mix it up a bit, maybe O'Brien might come in, but he seemed impressed with Nunez and even Paynter! M.O.T

    • What, no White!
      Hmmm, assuming McCormack and Rogers are injured, O’Brien is not match fit, and O’Dea is out of favour (QED), then that is the kind of line-up and formation Colin may go with… Except, Nunez is not a left field player, while Snoddy is, and a simple switch there, with both given freedom to roam, might make us hard to figure out – a problem with predictability that was Simon Grayson’s downfall.
      The defence looks solid but, without overlapping fullbacks, suggests a plan for route one football.
      This will be a very interesting match!

    • Lonergan

      Bromby Lees Bruce Pugh

      Clayton Brown

      Sam Snodgrass Nunez


    • Well there's nowt like being optimistic Lotto!
      As it so happens I think you could be right if all we read about Pompey they must be pretty demoralised, and if Colin has managed to make a difference to our defense then that could well be the score line.
      It will certainly be interesting & I only hope whoever he plays in the team don't let him down.

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      • Im expecting nothing less than 3 points from this one Lotto. Both heart AND head are in sync about this result which only happens once in a blue moon.
        If Colin can get something like the response that MON has got out of that bunch at Sunderland, then we could be looking at a top 6 finish after all.
        One thing is for sure, anyone who is to$$ing it off wont get a shirt the week after, so everyone should be giving 100% something that hasnt been happening lately.
        3-1 considering he has only had a week to work with our porous defence.