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  • Tom Tom Feb 28, 2012 19:01 Flag

    We have to be in it to win it. The Play Offs

    It’s the Final Count Down.
    Well here we are again the dreaded run in. Thirteen matches to go seven at home and six away. Within the 13, we play 7 teams, all above us, all currently in good form. I can only see 4 winnable matches, all at home. The remaining 6 matches, playing at our best, 6 draws and three defeats leaving us with a total points from the remaining matches = 18.
    Final total = 67 points
    Will this total be enough to get us into the Play Offs? Come on Leeds prove me wrong.
    Comments please

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    • At this stage of the season, and in our present position, few would hold hope of Leeds making the play-offs. A (unlikely) win against Southampton might change that forlorn hope perception.
      Neil Warnock's call for a 30k attendance at Elland Road for the Southampton game is another forlorn hope but it is interesting. Is Warnock confident that this game will be one no Leeds fan should miss, or is he doing his bit to help Bates boost his falling revenues?
      Given the ongoing scepticism of fans about Bates' investment in Leeds, and that the match will be on air, attendances are likely to be circa 20k. With a small crowd, will Warnock blame the fans if Leeds lose to Southampton?
      In advance of this scenario, here's a message to Neil Warnock: 'first, show us that we have a team worth supporting to attract gates of 30k!'

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      • Bit like The Chicken and The Egg isn´t it! What he is saying is, if the fans do not get behind the team don`t blame me when they lose! What would happen if he got the thirty and still lost?

      • Bates is playing an absolute blinder at the moment. He is in a win win situation, and you have to hand it to the old sod for being a past master.
        If we make the play-offs he will hail all his decisions as being magnificent - if we don't we will only just miss out and he will say now is the time for Colin to really prove himself.
        If there are closer to 30k than 20k he will make another few bob without having to invest, and if nearer to 20k he has the TV fee to fill his pockets.
        He is more than a crafty old crone - he is unbelievable!

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    • Thats it Tom I think all the players could do with reading The Secret! M.O,.T

    • If we only get 67 points we will be miles away (probably 10/11th).
      Warnock is obviously trying to bring in some experience for the run in, and interestingly at least we know who his targets are. No secrets, unlike under SG, and it will give the fans something to talk about and create interest.
      He is proving something of a master at getting on the right side of people at the moment, and long may it last and rub off on to the team.
      I believe we will need more than 70 points to make it and it is achievable if we can go on the run that we are due. There is always one late surge from 10/11th and let's hope it's us.

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      • Tom, Bryan. Don't know whether it's a good thing or a bad move to want to go up with the state of the club at the minute. If you make it it'll need radical financial input to give you any chance of staying there.
        Warnock for me could maybe give the team a good shake up the close season and maybe with 3 or 4 good signings at realistic prices knock a sound side together ready for the big step up if Bates backs him.
        H---The sun was shining in Bury last night by the way.